Switched pumps but etc etc

Hi hows it going? ANOTHER vent kinda…but wonder I just switched from my Medtronic 670 pump to 770 …you know, took out my transmitter off body and did new one…shut down OLD pump…yet all the sudden its OVER there BEEEEEEEEEPING STILL like some demonic thing that CANT be shut off?..anyways deeper…anybody know how to shut down the PUMP I KNOW longer am going to use OR does one have to go somewhere and smash it to bits or throw it in the river?../thanks
(Huge problem with Medtronic all the f’n beeping all night with “calibrate this that”…NOW this…still chasing me…(should make a horror movie outta this topic) …“the Pump thats locked on you” …THING is BEEEPING away with…""LOST sensor signal at time…move pump closer to etc…DUH !!! now telling me to calibate still as MY new pump is working fine on my Body…/

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This is the instruction I was given to shut down my Tandem pump: plug in the pump and hold down the top button for 30-45 seconds until it beeps.
I don’t know if Medtronic works similarly but you sounded desperate so I thought I would share.
If not, I’m sorry and I hope you find a solution! Maybe YouTube?

Hi, thanks WE"D think these would have a simple “OFF/ON” button…its like this thing keeps going…cant stand it…/thanks

Can you take the batteries out? (Unless if it’s rechargeable… then wait until it runs out of power?)
Or can you somehow disconnect the CGM? I have tandem but it’ll go back to “dumb pump” mode if I disconnect my sensor/transmitter and don’t connect a new one.
Other than that Google it or call Medtronic.

Haha they should make a horror tv series about the whole subject of malfunctioning diabetes devices.

I know, right? Or one of those hard-to-find recessed reset holes you have to access with a paperclip.
Have you had any success silencing the monster?

Hi…lol just got home its not beeping and waiting for me…Im gonna PUSH nothing on it…on the screen now it says…“Check sensor insertion…Is sensor fully inserted”…ITS @%@ out of me and the new one is in and fine
…should I push “no or yes” haha gonna push nothing…see if it beeps in a bit…then prob just smash it

lol right when I take the battery out it starts beeping mad right away…(truly cant believe this)…it is f’d in my opinion—I mean I get these are to be tightly controlled to not “shut down” but…mannn can we ever escape the one we have on us for a new one? lol maybe this part of the new world order and they are gonna track us this way also

Hi its silence now but not gonna touch what it says on screen …just leave it be…if it keeps beeping for “whatever reason/s” prob just take a bat to it later lol

Don’t shut down pump, disconnect sensor. You know how with 670 you need to connect the tester as a device? In 670 is under utilities and then sensor settings and you can turn off sensor until your dr can find out what the issue is.

One thing I am Not sure if tandem forces you to use a sensor or if we can just use sensor as alarm and ask for approval before giving more insulin or reducing amount of insulin.

You need to put the pump into “storage mode.”

The short version of the instructions from the 670G user manual is to remove the battery and then press and hold the back button (upper left of the control buttons) until the screen turns off.

It also gives this warning, for what it’s worth:

Note: If you place your pump in storage mode, it is important to insert a
new AA battery for 8 to 12 hours every six months to ensure that the
internal battery does not discharge to a deep discharge. A battery that is
deeply discharged takes longer to charge than a normal battery.

Have you “unpaired” your old pump from the CGM? Sorry, not home to to look anything up or check my daughters pump. Can you go into the menu of old pump and see if it is still paired to the transmitter. Good luck.

this tells me it still recognizes your transmitter so go into the menu of the old pump and “unpair”/ remove the transmitter. Sorry, don’t have instrucions on me. I do have good luck with medtronic tech support when I call (1-800-646-4633). They’ll walk you through it. good luck

Take the battery out or select from the menu. Turn pump off.

MEDTRONIC IS NOT LOGICAL. Upgrade to another pump for your sanity

Try harder, I’m curious. What causes your sentiment? I do get it, though.

Dee, I had one of the first Medtronic 670 pumps based on my persistence… The Customer service was lacking numerous time, Lack of knowledgeable technical service was the norm with long hold times. This is very unsettling when you have a critical life situation. I am sure someone likes Medtronic probably because they have to use it not by choice.

I see. I have been stuck for the last several years, due to my warranty. I didn’t encounter what you did, but had multiple other issues. However, lately, those issues are not occurring……I’m not sure why. Sometimes, it seems the device has a mind of its own and it’s going to be what it wants, regardless of what I do. Lol I’m not doing anything different from what I did previously and things were very problematic. So, changing brands is appealing, but now, I’m questioning it. I’ve read criticism about others too.