Switching Endos for the 1st time. :/

So, not too long ago I switched endos for the first time since I was diagnosed almost 9 years ago. I loved my old Dr. but their patient load was overwhelming and they were not nearly as up to date on treatments. 

Well, my first visit to the new doc and I got my lantus bumped up to 45 units at night. A new way of correcting, BG-120/20. and my ratio is 7:1. Lots of insulin. O_o 

I also got -put on metphormin to help "lose weight" and manage sugars? I didn't even know they could use pills on juvenile diabetics. 

Welp, since then my sugars are going crazy!!!! I have serious issues logging them with all the other stress I have right now and things that are constantly on my mind. Blah, any tips on ways to make logging sugars easier so I stop feeling like poo all the time when its going low?