Switching from Animas to Medtronic for CGMS?! Benefits? HELP!

Sooo, I used to be a frequent user/visitor of juvenation but haven't been here for a really long time!

I got married in June, and my husband and I were trying to have a baby until I went to my endo and she said I should wait to try to lower my A1C to under 7.  It's currently 7.8 so I'm hoping I can lower it in 6 weeks.  Although I'm hoping for this timeframe, we want a healthy baby more than we want to desperately be pregnant by Xmas so.. we're willing to wait if we have to.

Anyway.. I'm an Animas user and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Animas Ping.  I love the customer service, I love the remote option, I love that my pump is green.  BUT Animas cannot tell me or anyone who asks when they will release the pump/cgms combo.

In trying to get pregnant, I would love to be able to fine tune my control to the point where I can lower my A1C to a more reasonable 7%.  With this, I am confused, irritated and... pissed.  My nurse just advised me that her rep has said that we can expect it to be released mid-2012.  Can I wait that long!?

The other thing I forgot to mention is that here in Ontario, we have a special program that funds pump therapy for adults and kids living with T1.  I bought my current pump through insurance when I was living in another province, so I have no yet claimed through this Ontario plan.  SO, I would be able to get a new pump completely free.  Do I want to take advantage of this? OR should I wait...


saw the word HELP, so,  sorry in advance for posting on a pregnancy thread. =)

I have a minimed (Medtronic) revel and sometimes use the cgm, i think it's agood tool, it sure helps when you are tweaking basal rates and stuff, but it's only convenient that it's part of the pump screen - not imperative.  you could get any cgm tha't covered by your insurance program, couldn't you?  there's no real reson to have tp switch to a minimed if you love the ping, unless the canada program won't cover a cgm monitor - and if they dont' cover the monitor... do they cover the cgm sensors?

as far as below 7%, yes, a cgm will only tell you about sugars, but it's my opinion that so will more testing, have you worked with the nurse or a certified diabetes educator regarding improving the a1c regardless of a cgm?  maybe it's not an all-in/all-out thing?  i mean, it's a great tool and all, but is it the only thing wrong?

my a1c just slipped from a 6.8 to a 7, for me it's so darn fast to go up and so slow to come down.  anyway congrats on your wedding and best of luck on your a1c and plans!!!

Thank you so much Joe for replying to this!  In Canada, Minimed is the only CGM available, so it's not really an option!  I have since then decided to switch, and am working on getting approval on insurance coverage :)  thanks again!

I have seen lots of complaints about that CGM. You should search the threads for discussions about it before you switch.

Hi, I am Gabriela. I am  a  33 years married woman from Romania .I didn t  succed to get pregnant yet. I struggle with  type one diabetes or Lada maybe since last year in January 2011 using insulin, diet and exercise and everything that could help like good hope, calm, smiling, natural food, fruits and vegetables and a good scale .In January I had my A1C 10.09, three months latter 6.9 and than 6.4. I will test it again next month. I just want to tell you, maybe it  helps ,that I use a stepper to exercise at home and after 10 minutes it lowers my blood glucose with 40 mg/dl . I test my bg about 10 times a day in order to correct the highs with exercise and prevent the lows. I have two shots of insulin per day with Humalog 25 mix  (it is very difficult to control diabetes only with this , I cant make corrections with it, but for doctors  it is good to have a 6.5 A1C ) and I use a insulin pen.  When I am stressed bg get and stays  high for days  and this affects the most my A1C.I hope it helps...I am sad because it is almost impossible to get here a insulin pomp just in case I get pregnant, but I do my best to have a good control of my diabetes with everything I can. I wish your nice dream  came true and have a healthy baby!

Hey Andre,

I am on the minimed pump/cgm combo and right now I am switching to the dexcom 7 because the MM was giving me bruising, gushers and would not stay on my body at all, it is a bit floppy too. It was such a headache for me so I decided to switch.

Having said all of that, I never had a problem with the actual numbers being that far off from my meter. I know a lot of others who have the MM CGm and they said they didn't find that it worked well. But, I never had a problem with that. When it actually stayed on my body and didn't bruise or bleed it worked very well. I hope that you will get approval for it and it works for you.

Just know that you will have to have a little bit of patience with it. It worked for me well I think, because I would let it sit over night before turning it on the next morning. So it had more time to get "wet" as they say. Thats just a little tip I learned a long the way, and if you continue to read about the MM CGM you will find how people use it and grab a lot of good tips along the way.

Good luck!!!