Switching from Dexcom G5 to G6

We would like to switch my son from the G5 to the G6. We are eligible for the G6 but some how over the past two years our shipments of transmitters and sensors have gotten out of sync. Our transmitter is due to be replaced Oct 6th and we could get the G6 then but we have enough G5 sensors to get us to Nov. 22, so Dexcom wouldn’t send us any G6 sensors till Nov 22. Obviously I don’t want to be without a Dexcom for a month and a half, I have two options, neither very good. I can purchase a G5 transmitter (about $300) to get me to Nov. 22 and then get G6 transmitters and sensors. Or I can get the G6 transmitter on Oct 6th and purchase 3 or 4 G6 sensors ($400-600) to get me to Nov 22.
I’m wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if there are any creative solutions out there?

There is a Dexcom battery replacement group on FB that will replace the battery in your G5 transmitter for $55 (you will not get the exact same one back) and you can use that until you get your G6.
You can PM me for more info