Switching Insulin Problems

I just switched insulin about a month ago (from Novolog to Fiasp) and these past few weeks I have been going high after dinner and through the night (from 250 to 300 mg/dL). I dont understand why this is happening because last summer I did a 3 week test run of Fiasp and found that it improved my bloodsugars. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what you did to fix it? (I’ve already emailed my doctors a few times and they don’t believe Fiasp is the cause)

Hi Ava @ava555, you are not alone. I did a four week test run [August - September] with Fiasp instead of my usual Humalog in a pump and experienced similar “highs” after meals. I’m not blaming the more erratic BGL solely on the Fiasp.

When I returned to the Humalog, my BGL was not what I had anticipated - I use a continuous glucose monitor. It turns out, when I attempted to validate all my pump settings [insulin:carb ratios, sensitivity rates duration and basal rates] I needed adjustments. I attributed this to my seasonal shift in insulin needs. This could possibly be affecting you, especially as we generally need more insulin as the weather cools.

Over the past 60+ years that I’ve been depending on “outside” insulin, I’ve found that seasonally my insulin needs shift and occasionally, even after so many years, experience “honeymoon”. There is an interesting article recently published by a Joslin Researcher talking about the pancreas producing new Beta Cells in people who lived with diabetes for well over 50 years.

I never thought about the seasonal change. Thanks for the help! (and the interesting article!)

Hi Dennis,
I didn’t area link to the article in your post. Can you post a link / internet address to it please? Thanks!

@AngelaS, I read the article in the printed newsletter sent to Joslin Medalists - those people living with TypeOne for more than 50 years.
I’ll go on to the Joslin site and see if I can find the particular research project.