Switching Insulins

Hi there. Today I found out that my new insurance does not cover my Lantus insulin, which I’ve been using for probably ten years total. My only option to switch to is Levemir. Since I can’t get in touch with my doctor until Monday, I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions on Levemir vs Lantus. Are there side effects, a big difference, etc.? Thanks so much!

Hi @erinelizabeth95,

I’ve never used Levemir so I can’t answer from experience… I do know that Levemir is used for treatment of Type 2 and has similar possible effects as glargine - Lantus. I would be VERY cautious making the change without first consulting with a Medical Doctor. I hope your Lantus supply has not been exhausted.

Levemir and Lantus does not appear to me to be a one-on-one exchange. This may be another instance of “bean-counters” illegally practicing medicine. Unless YOUR doctor agrees that Levimir is the proper insulin for your treatment, she should immediately contact your insurance company and resolve this matter.

I am a Type 1 and have used Levemir for 10 years and it has been great. i know it happens where insurance changes what it will pay for since it happened when I was on Humalog and forced to switch to Novolog. While I had the same concern you are having now there was no impact with the change and I am totally happy with Novolog. Your change to Levemir should go just as smoothly.