Switching phones

this has nothing to do with diabetes but i was wondering anyway..

when switching a verizon phone, how do you switch your picture, videos, sounds, etc to your new phone?

i just switched from a chocolate 2 to an alias 2


i donno how it works with verizon, but with bell i just had to log into my account online and re-download all the games and ringtones i had when i switched from the katana to the chocolate. with rogers, when i had to re-install my system cuz something went wrong, i had to back-up my stuff on the computer..but its a blackberry so you can actually hook your phone up to the computer.

when switching phones though, you can't re-download pictures or video you've taken on the old phone. i hope you were uploading the pictures to your verizonĀ  online photo album...otherwise they are just gonna stay on the chocolate(once you deactivate that phone, you can't upload them anymore to the web).

you can also save all of your stuff to a SD card and swith it over that way

verizon should do it for you

Verizon might be able to do transfer the stuff..but it would take foreveer for like 5 pics....so get a SD card i have 1000 or so pics on my phone i have the dare and i save it all to my card...i have a 8g memory card and thats enough spaace for me...so yea the easiest way to transfer is if you have a usb cable to transfer or go to option/settings >memory...and that should get you to where you want send me a message if you havin a prob my bro works for verizon so i kno my way round phones