Switching places

I told my 10-year-old daughter last night who has only been diagnosed for 6 months now that I would take her place in a heartbeat... that if I could take Diabetes for her, I would do it without giving it another thought. She told me she wouldn't let me. I cried.

I have had that same thought since the day Brandan was diagnosed and I'm sure every other mom has too. I almost cried just reading that, what a tough little girl.

Oct. 5 our Daughter Danielle 5 was diagnosed with type 1. We almost lost her. I came home from working after working midnights. As I walked in it looked like she lost 12 lbs overnight. She was disoriented, breathing excessively, and her eyes where as they where in the back of her head. I immediatley brought her to hospital. All the way to Hospital I just held her hand tight and kept telling her to be strong and keep her eyes open. I told her once we reach the hospital she could close her eyes. We made it and she was stabilized. She was in Hospital for a week. Right now I live those images everyday. I would switch places Now Now Now Now Now . My wife and I have four girls 10, 9, 7, and 5. We love children dearly.

My daughter is 6 and she wad dx May 2007. There isn't a day that goes by when I still wish I could trade places with her. Her Grandmother has often said that she would give her right and left arms to take it away from her. I think this feeling applies no matter what health issues your child is faced with.  Although most days are just routine, there are days when it still breaks my heart that she has to live her life with this hateful disease.

As HORRIBLE as it might sound; I sometimes wish that I had diabetes too, so that at least he wouldn't be alone and I would really know what he feels like. I would never, ever wish it on anybody.  

Funny you say that Trish because this disease has brought my daughter and I VERY close.  She just turned 6 and she tells everyone we are "best pals"  and I am holding onto that for as long as I can!!  The other day she told me that she wished I had diabetes too so that we would be the same.  I told her I wished I could take hers away so we could be the same and she answered "why? I don't mind it."  wow.  I am blessed to have such a tough kid!

After reading these stories, I had my own tear-jerking moment while trick-or-treating.

We had a small hay ride for a group of children. It would take them down a few houses at a time, but Brandan didn't get back on everytime. At one point he wanted to get back on, but I wanted to check his sugar first and the hay ride went before we were done. We started walking and I said, "I'm sorry you missed the ride for that" and he said, "Don't worry, Ma. Don't worry about it." I was walking behind him (with baby in tow) and he turned to his dad and said, "Is mama happy?" Of course, daddy replied, "Yeah, mama is happy." Daddy gave him a ride on his shoulders to make up for it. I had to slow my pace to compose myself so Brandan wouldn't see my face.

These children are so courageous and their hearts are so big.