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Hi folks. I’ve been using Dexcom g6 and Omnipod for two years now. I’m very happy with the system but my Educator would like me to switch to Tandem Control IQ. Just wondering if any of you have done so, and what the pros and cons are for you. I personally really enjoy being tubeless, and I can’t imagine going back to tubes. Please advise. Thanks!

Hi @T1Tenor and thank you for writing in to the forum. Please excuse me for stepping in here as I’ve never used Omnipod. Right now I’m using TSLIM with BASAL IQ, and will be switching to Control IQ soon - my doctor’s preference although not necessity a requirement. I’m finding BIQ extremely helpful with lows and am looking forward to CIQ help similarly with highs. Some people on this forum have reported 90% time in range using it!
That said, keep in mind that once you’ve done your research the decision is yours, not your educator’s - after all, you are the one who will be living with it 24/7, so if you love your pod and being tubeless is a deal breaker, stand your ground by all means. I’ve heard that Omnipod was coming up with what I gather is its own comparable system that may be available next year, so perhaps you can have the best of both worlds of you’re willing to wait. Here’s some info - apologies if you already have it. https://beyondtype1.org/the-future-of-omnipod/
Take care!

@T1Tenor Hi Christopher and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! Search through postings, read what interests you and please contribute bits & pieces that may help others on this journey.

Diabetes Educators and trainers provide much worthwhile information and provide some of the best guidance for living with diabetes. It is my opinion [I’m not a licensed medical provider] , but in the end, methods and devices should be your informed decision.

The OmniPod and Dexcom is not a “system”, but rather two separate devices. The only two AIDs, Automatic Insulin Delivery Systems, currently approved by The FDA [there are some effective DYI Systems] are the MiniMed / Medtronic system which is “Non-Adjunctive”, and the more high;y approved Tandem t-Slim paired with the DexCom G6 and using the Control IQ algorithm.

The Insulet Dash paired with DexCom G6 has been through successful trials and may soon be approved by FDA. Also on the horizon for AIDs could be the Abbott Libra 2 CGM paired with Tandem and/or Insulet; plus the anticipated MiniMed 780G paired with a new Medtronic CGM that hopefully will be non-adjunctive.

Hi Dennis. Would you please define “non-adjunctive” - or simply “adjunctive,” and I can figure out the rest😊. I’m not familiar with the term. Thanks.

Dorie @wadawabbit, non-adjunctive is FDA Terminology meaning that a CGM reading does not require another source corroboration, such as a fingrt-stick.

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Thank you - I can still learn.