Switching to pump - how soon?

My daughter was diagnosed in June and the doctor says he won't even consider a pump for one year. Has this been anyone else's experience?

Think that's pretty common, especially for a child.

The good thing about waiting a year is it gives you time to really learn carb counting and how your daughter's body uses insulin.  It will make transition to a pump much easier.  

Pumps have a lot of benefits but they take a lot of knowlege to use them to their best advantage.  In this waiting time, you should read John Walsh's book "Pumping Insulin".  I'd just buy a copy... I've used a pump 10 years and still find it helpful.  

And search youtube for insulin pump videos.  A lot pump users have posted videos of them doing site changes and using the pumps.  

Our doctor said 6 months of good control. Maybe it depends in the age. My daughter was 9.

I do agree that I think it depends on the age and several factors.  My son waiting just under a year.  He still goes off the pump for the summer while he is at camp and appreciates the break.