I have been having problems with my after meal bs readings. They have been fairly high. After speaking with a friend of mine who helps me a lot and has learned with me about t1 she mentioned Symlin. I had never heard of it, but in response I have read about it. 

I was just wondering if any of you had tried it, and how did it work for you or didn't work. I am considering talking to my endo about it at my appointment in two weeks.

hi Kristin,

       i am currently taking symlin now and it has done pretty well for me. my doctor prescribed it to me after my insulin was starting to make me gain a little too much weight. u just take the symlin when you eat meals and thats it....and its been turning out great for me. the only down side to taking symlin is that there is a high chance of nausea in the first couple weeks of taking it. this happened to me, but only lasted about a week and a half and now it doesnt bother me anymore. i hope this helps a little :)

People either love it or hate it.

I never was ok w/taking extra shots every day especially when I was pumping so I ended up giving it up without getting a good feel for it.  It just wasn't convenient when going out and having to carry syringes/vials when I was used to just having the pump.

The nausea thing is true...everyone I talked to experienced it too.  And at first it takes some early leg work to figure out your dosage.  You'll probably get a few wicked lows in the process.

The thing with Symlin is that it's best suited for people who have pretty tight management with a good A1c b/c it allows them to go that extra step and drop their A1c's a bit further.  If you have battle lows Symlin will exacerbate the issue.  If your A1c is still a few points higher than you'd like Symlin isn't going to magically fix that.  It'll shave off a few decimal points, but you wont see a huge drop b/c you got your post-meal numbers in check.

Definitely talk to your endo though.  My only other advice with post-peal highs is take your insulin 10-20 minutes before meals if you don't already.  That will allow enough time to let the insulin to get into the blood stream to correspond to when you 1st put food in your mouth.  That small change worked wonders for my postprandial numbers.

hiii Cheyanna can you please explain what symlin is exactly and how it helps in T1.

of course :) symilin is a medicine that a dr prescribes to help go with your insulin to help lower bg more. thats about it, its just an insulin helper and can help with weight gain as a side effect of insulin. i hope that helps :)

Symlin has basically turned my life around.  I have always had trouble with my blood sugars going up after matter what I new endo prescribed this for me and I cannot wait to see what my next A1C is.  I am not miserable after eating......If you have been having the same issues as I was, I highly recommend it!  Good luck and let us know how you make out!

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hiii Cheyanna can you please explain what symlin is exactly and how it helps in T1.


It's a substitute for another hormone (amylin) that doctors now believe people with T1 don't make, along with not making insulin.

It's not so much a hormone that makes your blood sugar go lower (although it does) as much as it is a hormone that delays gastric emptying, slowing the digestion of meals. This prevents the post-prandial spike in BG that a lot of us get, allowing the insulin to work at the same speed as the carbs are absorbed