T-connect mobile app (bolus from smartphone)

Hi, this question pertains to the new T-connect Tandem app which allows one to bolus from a smartphone.

We currently use the Dexcom Share app. The person with the pump Shares, and then I Follow. If we use the Tandem app to bolus from the same smartphone which Shares, can that phone continue to Share (so I can continue to Follow) ? I am wondering if any kind of conflict might be introduced by having the two apps on the same phone ?

Appreciate if anyone has experience on this,

Thank you.


Nice to see you back, @RMcM .

Yes, you can continue to share with the same phone - as long as you have the phone correctly figured for sharing.

Although Dexcom and Tandem devices communicate for glucose management optimalisation using the CIQ algorithm, they remain separate. t:Connect is a Tandem application that permits a paired phone to use low energy two-way communication signal with one particular t-Slim - recall that you needed a very specific 16-digit, single use, code to pair the devices. Dexcom Clarity does not exchange signals with the t-Slim, but rather connects with the computer in the G6 sensor transmitter.

As a safety feature, only one phone can be paired with a t-Slim pump at the same time and that phone must be “near” the pump, so the so the phone to which Dexcom data is shared cannot operate any pump features. I hope this new app makes management more convenient for you.

@RMcM ,

As Dennis said to you, welcome back. Not only can you do what you asked about, I would encourage your to add a data relay redundancy to your phones. I am an Apple phone user. I have a support network where my phone relays to wide spread trusted individuals.

Here is my current software

Most of use our phones as primary display devices or data relay devices. If you use an Apple device, iOS 15.6.1 (19G82) is current as of 17 August 2022.
I have the iOS above and tested it against:
(1) t:Connect version 2.1.3 (16779rb)
(2) Dexcom G6 version 1.10.1
(3) Dexcom Clarity 2.18.0
(4) Sugarmate 2.8.1
(5) Tidepool v3.1.3 (75900)
(6) Glooko (fka Diasend) 5.20.0 (18828)
Additionally, I have updated my Series 3 watch to WatchOS 8.7.1 & use Dexcom G6 with no visible issues except the glucose number font is smaller.
For Apple security, see


My testing checked the phone apps for normal app function.


@RMcM If the tandem software supports your phone (please check with Tandem they have some restrictions), then i’ll put in my 2 cents that there will be no conflict running multiple apps, including Dexcom, on the same phone goodness knows I run home automation Dexcom, and a bunch of stuff on my phone and it all behaves OK.

I agree with @Dennis and with the verification by @987jaj, I use Apple (iPhone for Dexcom and iWatch for easy monitoring). Hope you have a fast and easy setup.

Hi RMcM -
My son is almost 14, and he uses his iPhone 11 to bolus and share. I follow on my iPhone (almost religiously. lol I’ve commented on the forum before about how I have sort of a love/hate relationship with the ability to follow. It can drive me crazy at times watching!) We’ve not had any issues at all…at least not with using both clarity and share. (Other issues are a plenty!) :rofl:

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So I just had this question answered on this forum or on the Tu Diabetes one (I can’t remember which). Here is what they said AND this has been my experience as well! (Also was confirmed by Dexcom Customer Service because I had a call into them).

TConnect app is the Bluetooth connection with the pump. It’s the only one so if your pump says it’s paired with another Bluetooth device, it’s not. Unpair it and then pair to the TConnect app.

Dexcom transmitter connects directly with the pump so when you put in a new sensor or pair a new Dexcom transmitter, do it via the pump. Other apps will catch up.

Lastly, Clarity app connects directly with the Dexcom app, so all your reports and data analysis are right there - all 3 apps working together!