Well goodness what a week its been! Has everyone managed to survive? Anyone have any plans??

Sleep J This week has been crazy! I could use a Friday!

This week has been crazy!!! I need a weekend!

I have been sick for the past two days with the stomach flu and blood sugar's going crazy *highs and lows everywhere!!*

I need the weekend to rest and relax some more!!

Monday=school/work! Yay!! :)

ARGH!  My BS levels have been a rollercoaster this week!  The sad part is that they're all my fault too... well almost!  I have to lower my basal at night because I get low (this is the one that's not my fault :P), but then two days in a row, I was high... thanks to the food I ate before sleeping though....

What are my plans this weekend... have some heavy duty control with what I eat to properly correct my basal and relax because next week I may find out some news from a certain grad school, and I have family members staying over for a couple of days whom I can't wait to see!!!!

What about you Jess? Do you have any plans???

Take care!



This weekend is going to be a little busy which means – odd schedule for food and varied food and so  a fun diabetes management extravaganza for me...  Tomorrow morning I am going with my wife for a Dr. appointment, then in the evening my folks are coming over and  my wife and I are going to a musical and then off to an anniversary party (late, due to the musical).  Sunday morning I am meeting an old friend for an early breakfast and a little DT1 to DT2 chat, then off to a 4 year old’s birthday party for one of our neighbor's boys and in between all of that I need to work on my sister-in-law's recently failed computer and replace a couple of lights outside and work on some family photos...  I am probably forgetting some things but hey - that's what I know in the moment :)


I hope you have some good stuff in the works!





I have to work all weekend:(


Yuck - but thanks for reminding me - i should be doing some stuff for the office too...



I have to work this weekend as well :-(.

No plans other then that. Just hoping this most recent cold front moves out, and the 70 degree weather we just had comes back!!!