T-Shirt Ideas?


So i know its a ways off (the JDRF walk in my town isnt untill May) but for some reason i have been thinking about this now.

Me and two of my friends did it last year and it was great! Next year we want to get a big group of people to form a team. But i was wondering if anyone had any good t-shirt slogan ideas. I kinda want everyone to have a different one. Some people on my team will be diabetic, but most of the others will not. I thought it would be kinda fun to think of some funny  t-shirt ideas for those who want to support the cause. (like my boyfriend).  Some examples are: Last year i wore a shirt that said "does this shirt make me look diabetic?". One of my friends came up with this one "Friends let friends eat carbs, responsibly" haha. just wondering if anyone had any funny ideas.

thanks! :)

You can make a thread dedicated to tshirt slogans if you want! Fun way to get everyone involved !

how would i do that?

when my friends didn't know a lot about my diabetes they came up with "did you eat your insulin?"

and also another one was don't get your carbs in a tangle.

i dunno...hope it helps:)

Diabetes. Let's Dia-Beat-This!

(Got that one from the show Parks and Recreation)

haha thats a good one jason!  thanks :)

How about this one.....


"Still better than (insert name of some other disease here)"

too insensitive?  you should see my carb ratio!


[quote user="Meredith"]

 "does this shirt make me look diabetic?"


I'd totally buy that shirt!   for my JDRF walk, we were team Walk Like a Diabetic.

this is where i got my shirt from! :)


OUCH!!!!!!!!  But Funny.

I did the walk for the first time in november and i made the same shirt  "does this shirt make me look diabetic?" =] but I had a team with all non diabetics. I was the only diabetic but we still made some funny t-shirts for everyone

some examples:


my best friend made the shirt. "If it looks tasty she can't it eat" and drew cookies and cupcakes all over her shirt. and made a pic arrow and when i stood next to her it looked really cute

got insulin?

i made my dad this shirt "one more candy bar and you'll loose a foot"

hope those help!  =]

[quote user="Meredith"]

this is where i got my shirt from! :)



I did a general "diabetes" search on there..some funny ones:

I'm not drunk, I'm diabetic!

fingertips of steel

me. your pancreas. now.

diabetics are naturally sweet

warning: in event of a low blood sugar i may eat everything in sight.



"i'm making sugar my b----"  haha