T:slim cannula's protective paper cover

Is anyone else having problems like this?:

On Feb 9 I posted about having problems removing the protective paper over round sticky bandage surrounding t:slim x2 cannula. I previously had no problems but suddenly found spiral protective paper tearing before it was fully removed. Needed to use tweezers to get hold of torn end & finish removing it. Even being extra careful when removing didn’t stop the tearing. A few changes later problems removing protective paper stopped.

Last night problems with protective paper began again. I had just begun using new shipment of infusion sets. I had 2 wasted cannulas. 1st - While removing torn paper remaining over sticky bandage the cannula itself came part way out of assembly. 2nd time sticky paper folded back on itself while removing remaining protective paper after tear. I tried inserting cannula with one 1/2 circle of sticky paper. l planned on taping down all of cannula to skin. However, when I removed injector the cannula pulled out with it.

I will be calling Tandem tech support. If you’re having similiar problems please reply.

Funny you should mention that. I found a partial box of AutoSoft 90s that I finished off, and I’m trying the X2s now. Very similar product. When starting the third one of the X2 pack I got down to the very last spiral when the tape broke. Thankfully there was a little left to grab onto and I was able to continue. Sounds like a gentle touch is in order.
I’m pressing down for a few seconds after releasing the cannula and add I pull it up I try to squeeze my big fingers under the applicator to keep the set in place. Awkward but so far so good. I’ll keep an eye out on future insertions - thank you for the heads up!

I am so unbelievably careful bc with Medicare I can’t afford to run short on cannulas. Couldn’t possibly be more gentle.

AfterI insertion I press down on center very gently bc I can go too deep. I use sticky prep pad. Normally applicator pulls away & cannula assembly stays put.