T-slim or Contour

My 17 year old daughter in September got diagnosed with T1D. Her doctor is fine with her going to an insulin pump. We have two choices either the T-slim or the Omnipod. I know everyone has their preference but could I get some feedback on each of them. I’m leaning toward the T-slim cause right now it has the capability to communicate with her Dexcom G6. Thank you

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@Daisiecline Hi Daisie, and welcome to the TypeOneNation Forum!

The Tandem t-Slim x2 insulin pump is my top choice, and when paired with the Dexcom G6 sensor can provide the very effective fully automatic insulin delivery system. It is what I’ve chosen to use, and it is by far the best diabetes assist I’ve found during my 60 plus years living with diabetes.

The only Contour diabetes device of which I’m aware is a Blood Glucose Meter, probably the most accurate BGM available. I am NOT aware of any pump with that name, at least not in the USA. Several new pumps are in development, and it is possible that A Contour pump is in that category.

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I meant the Omnipod insulin pump. I went back and fixed my post. Thank you for your response. I’m really leaning toward the T-slim because it works with her Dexcom and I absolutely love the Dexcom.

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I’ve never used the OmniPod, but know many who really like it

Hi @Daisiecline. My first pump was a Minimed but many years ago I switched to TSLIM - it had (and I think still has) a slimmer profile that I preferred. I considered the Omnipod briefly - if you do a search for “Omnipod” on the forum you’ll find lots of comments - many people love it and wouldn’t want to use anything else - but my concern was that I would be stuck if I forgot my PDM (controller). It is admittedly rare for me to forget important items but… And since tubing doesn’t bother me I stuck with my TSLIM, which works with Dexcom’s Control IQ to adjust my insulin as needed. I think something along those lines is coming for the pod but I don’t know when.
Omnipod will send a sample she can try - there’s no insulin of course and it just sticks to your skin so you - she - can see what it looks and feels like.
If I might suggest - your daughter is the one who will be using the pump. I don’t know about the Omnipod but with pumps such as TSLIM there’s a 4 year commitment; so as much as you yourself like the advantages of the TSLIM I suggest the ultimate choice should be hers so long as she understands the features and benefits of both.
Lots of pumpers - and people who take shots - use Dexcom or other CGMS to see where they are and where they’re headed, so they can make their own adjustments based on their numbers. Basal and Control IQ are actually fairly recent so that’s what we pumpers have been doing for ages.
If she chooses the pod she could use the Dexcom to track her numbers and she could make her own adjustments. BTW, you can do that with TSLIM as well - you do not have to use Basal or Control IQ.
One suggestion when she switches to a pump: there are different types of infusion sets available - 90 degree and 30 degree soft cannuals, as well as ones with a steel needle. I never had any problems with the soft cannulas but site people prefer steel (apparently it’s more comfortable than it sounds), or have a preference for inserting straight in or at an angle. You have to get them by the box so she might try one of each to find her preference. Her doctor will write a prescription for a certain number of cannulas, and she should be able to select the style she wants with the supplier - and even switch now and then if she likes.

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@Daisiecline, having CGM integrated with the pump is the game changer for better control of T1D. I use and recommend the Tandem t:slim X2 with Dexcom G6. If your daughter doesn’t want to wear CGMS, or doesn’t like tubing, Omnipod is fine, but it won’t respond automatically to blood glucose changes.

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Daisie @Daisiecline, you can use the “search” feature of this forum and get many reviews of all available insulin pumps. I’ll offer a few words of caution when reading reviews and recommendations:

  • Everyone has certain bias, and I may lead that list.
  • Look at the date of the post. Diabetes management tools are changing [and improving] at a rapid pace - a pump in use two or three years ago has changed.
  • Posts / Strings on this forum are often opened because of a “problem” encountered by a Member.
  • Thorough reading of the official User Manual BEFORE buying a device is advised. Many device users could have avoided a problem by having read the manual.
    Make an effort to get your hands on the device to “get a feel”.
    An insulin infusion pump is a computer / a machine, and “good results” are only obtained when a user gives the device the correct information. It is NOT a plug-n-play toy or game.

The Tandem t-Slim has an interactive app available for both Apple and Android phones and tablets. Practice entering Profiles and experiment with all settings. Remember that Manufacturer web sites, even though they offer lots of good information, are also marketing devices.

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@Dennis is correct. The pump world changes every 12 months.

Using a pump requires use of the manufacturing acronym 4ME=Man, Machine, Method, Material, Environment. Insulin pumping is no different.
METHOD=User Guide & other training
MATERIAL=Insulin, infusion sets, adhesives, etc.
ENVIROMENT=COVID aside, every other thing, exercise, illness, eating, anxiety, anger, emotion.

Putting it all together is a SWAG = Scientific Wise Assuming Guess.

Keep sharing. It is how we learn.

Dennis, see private message.

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Wow - we’ve got A1C, CGM, G4/5/6 and more, plu these additions - we’re working our way through the alphabet!

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@Daisiecline, I hear a mother in you, Daisie. Another communication idea is the Tandem + Dexcom G6 offer is Dexcom’s Share. ‘Share’ is an app working thru her phone to the DexCom cloud. Your daughter’s CGM talks to her pump and also to her phone. With the app on her phone and permissions set, the G6 CGM data is shared with you, hopefully providing some enhanced piece of mind.

@Dennis & @wadawabbit have both given you great information. There is an alphabet soup of terms and a new language. If you are keeping score, I use a Tandem with CIQ and a G6 from Dexcom.

@987jaj Dexcom Share works whether you use Tandem or not, does it not! Correct me if I’m wrong - I don’t knew since I don’t share - I mean, I don’t use the share feature😫. Thanks.

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@wadawabbit. Dorie, you are correct. Share works with Dexcom G6 going to a phone. The way @Daisiecline asked the question, I read into it and went for the pump combo I would have wanted today on a child of mine. Good catch.

Thanks for clarifying, @987jaj!

My 14 yo daughter chose a Tandem pump and we do use Control IQ which works very well and certainly makes management much easier. She has never tried anything else so can’t compare, but the phone like interface was a big seller. I think the biggest differences between Omnipod and Tandem is tube vs tubeless and the fact that Omnipods are waterproof, which offers a potential advantage if your daughter is a big swimmer. I think Omnipod is also working on a closed loop system so they will likely have something like Control IQ in the timeframe you would have the pump (usually 4 years). All that said, my daughter is due for a new pump in a couple of months and is planning on continuing with a Tandem.

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