T-Slim Pump Life

Yesterday I had my appointment and was hooked up to my brand new Tandem T-Slim Pump! So far it's really easy to use. I am only on Saline right now next Monday I go "live" with the pump and I will be on Humalog with my fancy pump. I can see how this is already going to make my life easier. The T-Slim does the calculations for you, and the thought of not having to pull out a pad of paper whenever I need to cover what I eat is exciting. Also I am looking forward to not having to do daily injections. Just pressing a screen a few times is very appealing. This all so far seems great, I know that I could be in the bright happy glow of new diabetes goodies.

Does anyone ever get sick of being on the pump?

Is this the 1 with blue tooth?  Gotta be pretty cool that they are designing it to auto give the good stuff w/o having to check BS.

I wonder if you could turn your body into an MP3 player w bt, that would be sweet!

I LOVE pump life. I am due for my upgrade and I am thinking of getting the t:slim. So excited about it and its cool features! Please let me know how you lik it within the first few weeks live!

I am on the t:slim and think it is a great pump. MUCH better than the current Animas model which I switched from. I've been on insulin pumps for maybe 15 years now and I have to say- there sure are days where it becomes tedious being hooked up to the pump constantly or having to deal with pump specific issues, but I still wouldn't want to go back to shots! I think it's more of being sick of having T1...

I will be test-driving a pump starting next week and am considering the t:slim as the first one I try.  Since you have just started, I'm wondering how it's working for you.  I am T1 for 48 years and have only used shots.


I've done well with a Minimed.  It doesn't look as cool as a tSlim but has less button pushing to do simple things like bolus.  You might contact both companies and see about getting a demo.  

Omnipods are tubeless pumps and you can get a free sample of their website.  www.omnipod.com

I recommend at least trying a pump to every person with diabetes.  I did shots for 25 years and have pumped the last decade.  I'd never willingly go back to shots.


I have been T1 for 39 years pumping for 14 or so.  I have had a few pumps, started with the Disetronic D-tron, then went to the Cozmo, then the Animas and now back to the Cozmo.  Although it is a bit thicker, especially with the Cozmonitor tester attached, I forgot how much I liked that pump.  I  on occasion think about what it would be like today without the pump but I would not go back to shots.  


I'm with you on that decision Troy, I've recently gone from minimed pump to a omnipod & i'm in love with the omnipod, because for me it's the closest to no pump i've experienced without going back to shots