T Slim pump update question

Hi everyone,
This may be a trivial question but is it recommended to update the T connect app on my iPhone before starting the training process and updating the pump? I thought I could complete the training, then update pump and iPhone app, but during the training its trying to walk me through the bolus delivery feature which is not appearing on my app since I didn’t update it yet. Im a little confused about the sequence of the updates? Thanks for advice.

Having just gone through the process, I can tell you that you have to complete the training before you can update the app. Once you complete the training and pass a quiz online, you’ll receive a code by email that allows you to download the update to install on your phone. During the training, you’ll be clicking on an image of a phone screen on your monitor as you follow the steps for a bolus delivery rather than using your own phone.

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Thank you so much! Just finished the training.