T:Slim Talk

Hey Guys,

I just need to post about my T:Slim experience so that others can be more informed when making this decision. First what I liked:

  1. Carb ratio down to the 0.5 (half of a carb I guess)
  2. the user interface is neat and definitely an update over other pumps
  3. rechargeable batter is a plus
  4. no extra parts to order except when the USB Port Cover falls off (they will send you a new one for free)

Second What I didn’t Like: (please read and be informed)

  1. The cartridge fill process is crazy. At times I would prime out 30 units to get the air bubbles out. Who wants air in the tubbing?
  2. Air Bubbles Moving through the tubing. OK, pumpers are used to a bubble appearing at the luer lock at times (where tubing connects to cartridge). The pig tail design (their term, not mine) makes it possible for that bubble to break up and move through the tubing. After talking to tech support, at first they denied the existence of such bubble, then the 3 people at tech support all wearing the pump looked at their pumps and found that all three had this bubble. They told me it was “my reality” that the bubble would be there and insist I’m filling the cartridge wrong. I’m fine with an air bubble there IF IT STAYS THERE (like other pumps I’m used to). The constant bouncing around of the Pig Tail simulates “flicking the luer lock” and breaks the bubble into smaller bubbles which will move through the tubing. I found myself constantly monitoring this and at least on two occasions my CGM Graph went Straight UP due to air bubbles.
  3. The Extended Bolus has limits- no more that 15U in an hour or 7.5U in a half hour. I found this out when I had a low BG and wanted to bolus for lunch 14U, 0% now and 100% over 30 minutes. No one at Tech Support could figure out why I was getting an alert that it would require a min. of 54 minutes to perform this bolus but did call me back with the answer after consulting w/ the software engineers.
  4. Carbs or Units, not both. When setting up your pump, you must choose to bolus via carb counts or units. I’m just used to having that option to do either.
  5. Finally the return policy. To my surprise, I agreed to their return policy when signing the assignment of benefits form to get the pump. I was also assured by local rep. there was some flexibility in the 30 day deadline. He said “at the end of the day we just want healthy and happy customers” and it wouldn’t be a problem to return it within a “reasonable time frame after the 30 days expires”. And I didn’t realize the 30 days begins WHEN THEY SHIP It. I waited 10 days after receiving the pump before a trainer was available. Thus, by their policy I now had 20 days to try it out, work with my Endo to adjust basals, etc. and decide if I want to keep it. I told them at 35 days from my training day (45 days from ship date) that I wanted to return the T:Slim and they are refusing to return it. Suggesting I be trained again on how to fill the cartridge.

I hope this helps anyone considering this pump. My T:Slim is sitting in a drawer and I’m now using my out of warranty Ping again.

Sorry for the trouble you’ve had. It took us a while to get a system down for filling the cartridge and tubing. We had similar issues with the bubbles with a change in filling (it was mostly for my husband, since I have T1 and fill my own stuff and our daughter has T1 and he was filling hers). We lightly tap the cartridge on a table after filling it to get any bubbles up near the top. Then, when we start the filling of tubing, we keep it upright and tap a few more times.

Ensuring the luer lock is tight got us a few times too.

I think all new pumps take some getting used to. We have used Medtronic (myself (14 year user) & daughter), Animas (daughter), & Omnipod (daughter). I even went 6 months on MDI waiting for tSlim. We are 18 months in now and have been pretty happy. I mean - it’s technology, and in my experience, every pump has a list of pros and cons.

Thanks for putting these two posts out here. It will definitely help people think about what matters to them before they purchase a specific pump.

I love your reviews of the T-slim thank you so much for posting it Jason! I always want to change my pump and then chicken out. I am an old-dog, that can’t be taught new tricks kinda gal I suppose. When T-slim first came out I really wanted it because it looked so cool to use. After reading your review I’m glad I stuck to my good ol’ Minimed! haha

We’re still getting used to Cassie’s new T:Slim, but overall she is really digging the cool iPhone like interface. I think Jason listed out some good points in his post (above)- replacing the insulin cartridge is very slow and filling up the tubing on the t:slim sure takes up a good amount of insulin. This pump is far from perfect. But I’ll tell you this- we all think this pump is better than shots in many ways.

The tech behind the touchscreen interface and the safer micro delivery system helped push towards this pump over the Minimed. Another major reason we chose the t:slim (over other pumps) is that we know it’ll get even better in the next few months. Our rep told us that the new model will be able to synch up wirelessly to the Dexcomm CGM. Tandem, the company that makes the t:slim, has promised an upgrade path to the new model. Perfect pumps don’t exist, but our better pump will get even “betterer.”


I did not know the T-Slim was combining with Dex! That is a game-changer for me! Next time I go to my endo I will ask her to let me try it out. I suppose it’s always best to do your own analysis on products as YMMV!

Good conversation.

Katie - I have two questions that may help me out. 1. do you change the tubing with each new infusion set change? 2 And do you fill the cartridge up w/ the entire 300U?

Gina - I also was told about the Dex integration. My rep showed me a pic on his phone what it would look like and said the technology is already in the pump just not activated yet. The pump would basically take the place of your receiver.

Have a good day everyone.