T-slim X2 “dummy” pump

Does anyone know if there’s a way to get a “dummy” t-slim X2 pump? My daughter is on Omnipod now but looking to switch and not sure she’ll like going to a tube. I thought if there as a “dummy” non-working pump she could decide if it’s for her.

call Tandem directly and tell them what your objective is. Also, pumps come with a 30 day return policy.

@tjaslonaker, you really don’t want a “dummy” pump - that would not serve you any more than the very good t-Slim interactive app available on Android devices.

As @davyboy says, get directly in touch with a Tandem representative and ask to use a “loaner” for a period of time. Experiencing the real thing is really the only way you and your daughter can make an assessment.

don’t know how the app will help her decide if she can tolerate the tubing. Actually, that just made me realize all he needs is an infusion set, stick it in herself, then wear it around a couple days tucked in under her clothing.

Thank you. We found someone local who has a spare infusion set. Going to give it a try.