T1 and IUD

Hello all! I'm still new to this board and have tried to do some searching on my own on this topic. I have been hearing conflicting messages about IUD as birth control and the effectiveness of the two different kinds (copper vs. hormonal). I have been T1 for over ten years and my bg levels are not in control right now. I've been struggling lately with getting them back into control but I think other things in my life are throwing me off and messing with my hormones as well (STRESS!!--no job, crappy insurance, no doctor!). I haven't spoken with a doctor yet, endo or OB-GYN, but I wanted to hear from any of you who are currently using the copper IUD and if you liked it or not.

My boyfriend and I are wanting to get married within the next few years and we are starting to look into birth control methods. He wants a vasectomy with the knowledge that he would get it reversed when we were ready to try for kids, but I don't trust the rates of reversal. I have long thought that an IUD would be much better for me as an individual and us as a couple, mostly because I have (obviously) issues trying to remember to take a pill (and check blood sugar) every day. I have used nuvaring in the past, but only for a couple months. I liked the (lack of) side effects of it, but not how it mysteriously "disappeared" one day. Lol.

I would definitely discuss options with my doctor, especially in relation to my diabetes, and would probably even drag my bf along as well, but just wanted to hear opinions from you guys. What say you all??

i've never wanted to get a IUD though I haven't heard of any reason not to due to diabetes. just my mom got one when she was in her 20's, and it moved..cut her up and spent 3days in the hospital. the doctor told her it had scarred her so bad, she would never have children. luckily, a few years later though, she had my brother and then me. when it was time to get birth control, I already knew the story and refused.

I've tried the pill, a low dosege, and it was fine for the first 6years. Two years ago though it started to give me morning sickness symptoms, for two months straight i woke up almost every morning throwing up. it wasn't until i showed up to my mom's house "looking like death" that my mom freaked out, called my endo and he told me to go off of it. of course..i got pregnant shortly after haha. i was really bad with the pill as well, since my life was so crazy i wasn't eating at the same time every day or taking a shot at the same time, so i had nothing to sync it up with to remind me.

i've since gone on the patch. you replace it weekly on the same day. i love it. it's ugly though, and people think i'm trying to quit smoking...but it's been working for me only having to remember to take it off and replace it at some point on mondays. i keep it on my back, but you have a few choices, pretty much anywhere you can take a shot actually is where you can put the patch!

i've never really noticed a change in weight or BG due to the pill or the patch.

I have the Mirena and I love it.  I was super, super skeptically of using it but my ob/gyn uses it and she was pushing it and pushing it (in a very nice way) for a few years.  She told me if I didn't like it she would remove it no questions asked.  And so it's been 2 1/2 years and I am so happy I have it. (I was also extremely nervous about the insertion for some reason but it's no different than getting a PAP). I don't do well on hormones.  I tried many different kinds over the years and I got cystic acne, severe cramps, moodiness, etc... with every single one.  I did try the Nuvaring also and I became nervous like you when the ring was found on my boyfriend.  The Mirena has so little hormone that it really makes no difference.  It didn't alter my bs at all.  Within 3 months I pretty much stopped getting a normal menstrual flow and now I get mild spotting.  I still get some cramping, bloating etc... just as I normally would but nothing like when I was on the pill.

The only thing think  I remember being told and may be something to ask your ob/gyn is that woman who have already had a child are better candidates because your cervix is more pliable or something to that effect. (I had already had my son.)

So the Mirena get 2 thumbs up from me and after the five years is up I'm pretty sure I will do it again.

I have the copper IUD.  Menstual cramps can be a little more intense, as your uterus clamps down trying to get rid of the 'foreign object', yet nothing some ibuprofen doesn't cure.  I LOVE the fact that I don't have to think about it, unlike the pill everyday.  When my first IUD's 'time' was up and I went into the Gyno to have it replaced, I found the procedure fairly uncomfortable, but the cramping pain afterward even worse.  Bf came with me, and I vomitted from the pain out the passenger door in our parking lot by the time we got home.  I am a little pain intolerant, so I wouldn't think it's this bad for everyone.  Moderate discomfort would be good to describe what most likely feel.  Other than that, it's an effective device that you don't need to plague yourself worrying about.  OH! ...and be prepared for the fishing line string to mysteriously disappear as well.  Coiling I think it's called, it's not the end of the world, but can make removal that much more painful.

As far as the relation to diabetes, the copper IUD I don't think has any.  Unlike hormones, it won't stress any systems.  The copper simply changes the chemistry of your uterus, preventing implantation.  Best of luck with whatever you decide, but I definitely give it a thumbs up.

i'm sorry suzannebwilson but reading your post actually made my body shiver. haha.

i've had my gyno stick a huge needle into the base of my vagina to freeze it so he could cut a piece of skin to test, and had an autopsy on my cervix taken several times..but that actually sounds worse!

LOL Batts, I know it sounds pretty bad, but I AM intolerant.  I'm sure for most, it's nowhere near as bad as I've made it sound.. at least I hope not!

I'm not sure about the hormonal IUDs since they use progesterone.  That hormone skyrocketed my blood sugars in the last month of pregnancy.

My OBGYN said IUDs aren't recommended for women who haven't had children before.  In some cases they can diminish fertility long term.