T1 and Prepping for colonoscopy

Hi Everyone,
Just wondering how T1’s have handled dealing with the prep for a colonoscopy? Every time I skip a meal I tend to go low so Im worried about how to handle the prep and fasting for a colonoscopy? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Time to check in with your endo. I use a pump and so I can skip meals and I don’t go low when my basal rate is close. So I drank that awful prep and went to the colonoscopy, and then ate afterwards. If your basal is too high (basal rate or long acting shot) then you’ll go low and you just drink clear sugar water or clear Gatorade or lemon ice or crunch glucose because it doesn’t count as solid food…. and it’ll bring you up. I would think if you are on a pump you could use a temporary basal or on shots you would take less long acting but that’s between you and your doc. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Hi @DFBB. Check with your endo for any adjustments to insulin - there are some recommendations online but you should get that advice from your doctor.
I may be mistaken but I think I got some instructions about liquids that would be allowed if worst came to worst but don’t recall the details.

Hello Diane @DFBB. you didn’t mention your present method for managing your diabetes, such as if you utilize MDI or an infusion pump for insulin. I’ve had a few colonoscopy plus at least three other surgeries where I needed to empty out and two other operations where I’ve been put totally to sleep. I’ve never had difficulty when using a pump. Two times under the knife almost 40 years ago while on MDI I came through somehow, probably by luck.

As @Joe said, if you use a pump the basal rates [if they are correct] should get you through your surgery and recovery plus the prep beforehand. For my part, I programmed a Profile/Pattern in my pump as soon as my surgery was scheduled and gave it a try a week in advance. If you use CIQ, I suggest that you activate “Exercise Mode” a couple of hours before your scheduled time; as you may know, this Mode allows basal corrections to aim you at 140 mg/dl.

As an aside, check with both your surgeon and the surgery center before hand and let both know that YOU will be managing YOUR diabetes. That is, if you have been “Doctor Me” and effectively manage your diabetes.

One addition I will make to using exercise mode or manually adjusting your rate for a procedure:
I had my wisdom teeth removed last year and had to fast due to anesthesia. Mr procedure was first thing in the morning and I reviewed and tweaked my sleep mode way in advance to make sure it would be adequate - I did still get occasional lows despite having it in place, and while I could ordinarily correct, of course proud to surgery this not supposed to.
I had settings in place that worked very well prior, but of course the day of, that changed. I had not factored in nerves. I was feeling pretty good about getting the procedure over with, but I guess something unconscious was going on m I woke up in the low 100s - I wanted to be in the mid 100s for the procedure, and my numbers started dropping. I had a few sips of juice (my doctor has told me # ounces would be okay if absolutely necessary) but it wasn’t enough. I was low normal but still going down. I unplugged but continued to drop. When they took me back they have me IV glucose and went ahead.
Keep in mind stress or emotions - even unconscious ones - may have an effect, so be sure you have an approved backup plan for treating lows that will not interfere with your procedure.

If you are going low skipping a meal your basal insulin is too much.

Keep in mind, Dorie @wadawabbit that sleep mode will correct you to 110 mg/dl (or lower) if your ISF is correct. This is too low for safe anesthesia.