T1 and the Peace Corps

I have been doing research on the Peace Corps for a few years now, and have met with recruiters and received plenty of information on it. But what I have yet to learn about is what someone's experience/s has been, going through the Peace Corps with T1. I have not met anyone that could enlighten me from first hand experience on what to expect. I am going to be starting the application process soon, so if there is anyone that could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hey, I hope it works out for you!  My sister-in-law works for the Peace Corps as a PTSD  trainer and treats PC volunteers.  I was talking with  her about T1 or any other disease and serving.  She oversee's Asia.  She said to me that so long as you are placed in an area where you can safely get your meds. they will place you.  But she said that many place do not have refrigeration and such and it would be difficult for a T1 to survive without problems.

I applaud you!  I hope it works out.  Her son and daughter both spent time in Morocco teaching them to wash their hands and learning Berber.  She told me they can only place you where there is a need ... so I hope your have good timing.