T1 and TK

My daughter was recently diagnosed with T1 on July 18th. She is supposed to be going to TK this school year. But the school has called me to try to convince me that she shouldn’t be going to school because she is newly diagnosed. School started today and even thought I have called and talked to school administrators no one seems to be giving me any sort of information or told me anything. She was marked absent today since school started today. I am so overwhelmed. I called the school before school started and they said she should be ok to go and all of a sudden it became an issue. I have dr letter with health care plan. I have everything they asked for and no one from the school has contacted me yet. On Friday I went to one of the offices and they said some director would call me and I have yet to receive a call I have left multiple messages. I am just venting and wondering how I am supposed to show this little girl that is 4 years old newly diagnosed, which turned her entire world upside down and has been taking it like a champ that because of her T1 she will always be facing some sort of hoop just to try to live a “normal life”. Has anyone gone through this? Any advice?

Hi Mariana. I was 3 years old when I was diagnosed. This was back in 1963, when understanding of diabetes was rudimentary especially in comparison to what we have today, we didn’t have pumps or BG meters (much less CGMs), and there were no 504 plans. Your little champ will learn that she needs to fight for some things, but being so young hopefully it will come naturally to her, as much as possible anyway.
Saying that schools are legally required to accommodate kids with diabetes (or other conditions for that matter) is ready but the reality is it can be different for all sorts of reasons. And in this case the school seems to be ignoring you in the hope it will go away. You may need to hire an attorney to get their attention of that’s how they choose to handle this. Your little champ will grow to to see she had a mom who’s willing to fight for her as she learns to do so for herself.
Wishing you all the best.
PS - what is TK?

I can only guess they are behaving this way because a 504 plan is a legal document and the school is required by law (if this is a public school) to accommodate your daughter. It means they are financially responsible with liability, even if it means the school has to hire a nurse. They are hoping to scare you away. There is a time to be nice and there is a time to get tough. At my school they have 24 hours to reply to a “letter” regarding a 504 plan including an emergency health care plan (EHCP). So they don’t tell you that they hope you keep calling and leaving messages, for which they do not have to comply. My son doesn’t have T1 but he has a 504 and a EHCP and it was tough to get it going but once it is in place everything gets easier. The director of education, and the nurse are required to be at this meeting. All you need is to declare (for me on a written piece of paper) that a meeting is required and they have to. I did threaten to get a lawyer at some point early on but it wasn’t necessary. You are the boss here. You are the #1 team member. They seem to be stalling. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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Thank you. TK is transitional kindergarten it’s in between preschool and kindergarten. The school is telling me it’s not required which yes it’s not required. But the matter is that she was already looking forward to it and she deserves to be a normal little 4 year old with the exception of needing some blood sugar checks and some insulin after lunch. Thank you very much. For you kind words. I will keep being strong for her.

Thank you very much I will keep pushing.

We’re here to support each other! You might check the Resources tab to see if there are support services in your area too.

For me, Mariana @mariana_fernandez19, this never was an issue; I was diagnosed in July like your daughter and returned to school in September and didn’t mention anything about my diabetes - I was in high school.

This concerns me, United States Public Law [P.L. 101-336] The Americans with Disabilities Act, requires access be granted to any place [or activity] of “Public Accommodation”. It appears to me that this TK activity [in that school] is public accommodation, and the school must upon request make “reasonable accommodation” to give your daughter full access. This applies to all and is in addition to the requirements of the 504 Plan mentioned by @Joe. Your interpretation of “reasonable” may differ from that of the school, so negation - or the stronger 504 Plan - may be necessary.

Sometimes people say things that sound official, expecting that the other person will believe them because they are in a position of power. If you don’t do so in general already, make it a habit to tell them you will check things out for yourself. Knowing that you will should keep them on the straight and narrow and not waste your time with stalling tactics.
By the way - I don’t remember much from 3 years old but I do recall that by the time I was 5 or so I had learned my symptoms of low blood sugar, and while I didn’t know the term I could tell my parents that “I feel funny” and learned that meant I needed a snack. Thankfully you have tools now that we never dreamt of when I was little, but as she gets older encourage her to “read” her body as well.