T1 Diagnosis after Chemotherapy?

Was anyone else here diagnosed T1 after chemotherapy? I battled stage 3 cancer at age 32 in 2015 and began suffering from T1 side effects in May of 2018. Diagnosed November. No one in my family history has had T1. Only a handful had T2 in old age from bad diet.

Thanks to jdrf youtube i feel i have some kind of connection to the community. I thought I was the only one who has no one in their life who understands. it sucks to be 1/100 sometimes.

Hi @deegan42 Ryan, welcome to TypeOneNation.

We have a few members diagnosed after cancer treatments I hope some chime in.

It is very common to be the only one in your family with T1, I am in mine for example.

T2 doesn’t always follow a bad diet Or as a result of being overweight but that’s a different issue.

Hope you are doing well and are getting support. Hope to see you around

I’m very interested in this revelation too. Diagnosed with testicular cancer age 24, received chemotherapy, then diagnosed T1D 10 years later age 34. No family history of either. My new slogan is, “I don’t get sick, but when I do, its reallllly bad”. Ha.

Hi Ryan @deegan42, I think this is your first post, so Welcome to TypeOneNation Forum! I hope that you find this an informative and welcoming community; lots of people here who will understand you and empathize.

My cancers came after my diabetes diagnosis but it has been known from various surveys that people often develop TypeOne after experiencing a virus and after experiencing a trauma - and cancer diagnosis is a trauma.

TypeOne does not usually follow in families so I’m not surprised that you are first in your family. TypeOne is an autoimmune condition where the body’s immune system attacks itself and that trait is really not inherited. MODY onset diabetes, which is managed like T1D and is often misdiagnosed as T1 is caused by a “faulty gene” and is inherited - usually from the mother.

thanks for the comments. I had no idea it was common to be the only T1 in a family.

My battle was also with testicular cancer so I assume we had similar platinum chemo treatment. I did not know if I would meet another person with the same history. Thats a great slogan and i hope you dont mind if I use it. I went from never being in a hospital to having 4 surgeries in a year. I kinda thought all that was behind me until this new chapter started.

It’s very interesting to find out that I am not some strange outlier of the community and everyone is more or less in the same boat. I pictured family units of T1’s helping each other but that was just day dreaming.

The one thing i truly know is that I am lucky to have just contracted it in these days of CGMs. Can’t whine much about anything else when i sit back and think about things. If i was born 60 years ago I wouldnt even be around to get diabetes from the chemo.

If i was born 60 years ago I wouldnt even be around to get diabetes from the chemo.

Funny, I always say the same thing too. What a time to be alive! (Ryan, I sent you a private message as well)