T1 Parents on FaceBook?

I was wondering if there were any T1 parents on Facebook? My son is 3 yrs old and diagnosed this past March. I am really looking for people that I can relate to, since I'm not on Juvenation too much. I feel like when I post something Diabetes related on FB, no one understands or wants to hear it.


You can look me up under my name Heather Diamond McCormack...if you have trouble finding me, message me on here!!


Thanks :o)

I'm there. Check your FB inbox. ;)

friend request sent :D

find me trish! terrivalentine09@yahoo.com

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find me trish! terrivalentine09@yahoo.com


I found you. Request sent. :)

You can find me here: http://www.facebook.com/?sk=nf#!/profile.php?id=100000999222312

Look for me too.

Friend request sent!

Friend request sent!

Thanks girls!

Hey I want to join too!!!!  :)  My son is 8 and was diagnosed 6 months ago.  I find it funny that our communities really don't offer much support but our greater t1 community is great!

Oops! forgot email


Sandra Martin Dixon

Heather - I totally get what you are saying!  My 11 year old daughter was diagnosed in August and it can be very lonely but this is a great site!!!  Friend requesting...:)  We can all vent to each other since not many people understand...

Yeah, it's really great having all the ladies on my facebook now! Everyone actually "get's me" and what I am saying. No one else did, although they tried. I feel I can breath a sigh of relief as cheesy as that sounds! lol

I think I found you!  I'm on there and have loads of friends that are moms of T1's.  I know that they would love to be your friend.  :) They are a huge support!

Please look for me as well: tonyamgonzalez@yahoo.com

Thanks! I look forward to connecting with more parents who know what the heck I'm always on about...

here is mine dragonflylady3@aol.com or http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=1675750708

I am not a parent of a T1 child, but have T1 myself. I am a school nurse who is working on a (master's degree) project to increase the use of CGMs in school and would like to hear from any parents or students about their experiences, either good or bad, regarding getting CGM approval from insurers or doctors, using it in school, school nurses' acceptance and understanding of the technology, etc. Any information you can provide will help me to try to help other students to use these devices successfully in school. I have started a couple of discussions at TuDiabetes regarding CGM use in schools, so that would be a good way to share your input. I  have a facebook page also and can be reached at bob.carlson@live.com. Thanks for any input that you can provide!

I'm on FB too, I'll friend you my name is Mike Smith.  My son was diagnosed at 14 months and is now 7 and a very happy productive little boy :)

You can find me on FB under my email Jenn Keefe Osgood. My daughter was diagnosed on Nov 1st and this is all new to us. 



I'm not able to add you on FB Jenn. It must be your settings? Could you add me? You can find me under my email addy!



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You can find me on FB under my email Jerseygirl1116@comcast.net. My daughter was diagnosed on Nov 1st and this is all new to us.