T1, Pregnancy, Insulin Pump, and CGM?

i was just wondering if any of you have gotten pregnant and been on the pump and/or cgm? if u have is it safe to use the pump/cgm while pregnant? i mean can u still put the site in ur stomache? that is the most frequent place i put mine. sometimes i put it in my arm but if i become pregnant it will be kinda hard to put the site in my arm. i dont have much fatty tissue for pump sites. is there anywhere else i could put the site when i get pregnant?

it is totally safe and so much better to have a pump and CGM. I am 36 weeks pregnant and can still use the sides of my tummy and I use my lower back (just above where your pants sit) and buttocks (which i didn't even know I could do until i got pregnant LOL) Pump and CGM are a lifesaver I can't imagine being in as much control as we need to be without the pump especially, although I know some women choose to do injections instead.

Hi everyone,

 I 2 wear and insulin pump and have for 10- years now! I use to inject my pump in my tummy but after a while i noticed i started ti develop some scar tissue and was running out of room to inject. So i started to inject the pump in my thighs. More on the lateral side. And i really like there. Although be carefull when u pull down your underwear and pants ! LOL! i have snagged it a few times.

I used my stomach for infusion sites through my whole pregnancy.  Just ask your doctor to verify if you have enough fat for the infusion set.  My son would jump in vitro when I would put in a new site, but it didn't do him any harm.   I love my big pregnant tummy because I has so much surface area for sites!

I too am pregnant and use my stomach for infusion sites. I am in the late first trimester, so when get bigger I might choose to use my lower back or sides but only time will tell! I have been on a pump for 5 years now and I can't imagine my life without it! I have also used the CGM system for this long.

Yes, yes and yes! I am 25 weeks and still put both my pump and CGM in my stomach, just a little higher up now, one because my lower stomach got a little tender as it stretched and two, I really can't see it anymore! I'm not as sensitive to feeling lows and highs anymore so my CGM has been great.