T1 Trained Caregiver Needed

Hello! We are located in Cumberland, RI and need to immediately hire a full-time nanny who is trained in T1 and willing to work in our home. We have a few weeks to find someone before we have to take an unpaid leave of absence. Our current nanny is moving unexpectedly. We’ve tried Care. com, FB, JDRF. We are in need of a miracle. I can provide more details later, but if you know anyone who is looking for full-time employment, has experience in child care, and trained in T1, please let me know. Thank you!!

@lmlaplante, Hi, and welcome to the forum! I’m afraid I don’t have a caregiver in mind, but years ago, I was looking for someone to watch our daughter (now 12, and a certified “Safe Sitter” herself, eager to babysit again as soon as this pandemic is under better control :slightly_smiling_face:).

Search the forum for “babysitters” or “nanny” and you’ll find lots of previous posts on the subject. Here’s one example:

Spoiler alert: We ended up just finding someone responsible and trustworthy and training her ourselves. I figured if we could learn, then others could, too. :slightly_smiling_face:

One way or another, you WILL find a solution. Good luck, and keep us posted on your journey!

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@lmlaplante Hi Lisa, and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum!

@srozelle provided some useful information, especially her solution about teaching the “diabetes thing” to someone who is a vetted, experienced person trained in childcare.

Another source is contacting a Chapter of The Diabetes College Network, this is a national support group for college students who live with diabetes. It is possible that some students, on college leave due to the pandemic, might be trained in childcare and looking for employment. A link to the site:

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Hi @lmlaplante . You didn’t mention your child’s age, but if they’re in school (even online) there may be other students with diabetes as well. The school might be willing to share your contact info with other parents, who may in turn have names you could try. Wishing you the best - you’ve already gotten some excellent suggestions so I hope things work out soon.