T1D and Male issues

This is long.
I am in tears as I type this… I just had yet another relationship come to an end, a main contributor to that is my inability to perform sexually, or E.D. as I have read is common in diabetic patients. I’m so lost right now. I’m a 34 year old male. I was diagnosed T1D almost 10 years ago when I was 25. I’m sure I could manage it a lot better, but I could also be a lot worse, too. I’ve never really suffered from depression or anxiety with my condition, but in the past month it has really set in as I saw a disappointed girlfriend as the issue persists and the uncertainty of how future relationships will turn out. I’ve always been up front and very open to my previous partners regarding T1D and my underlying issue, I don’t want to hide anything. I’m stuck with this disease for life. I get that. I’ve never really felt sorry for myself having this disease. I just have more things to keep an eye on. Easier said than done most of the time. But I’m having trouble getting over this one. Not losing her in particular, I just wonder how I’ll ever meet someone who will have the patience and compassion to help me deal with the issue until it gets resolved. While dating her, I was in and out of urologists and male specialists with some improvement, but not significant. Toward the end of the relationship I got decent results from the male specialist but that’s where the relationship fizzled out. I’ve again lost all hope in resolving my issue and finding someone, anyone who will understand. I have no one to relate to regarding my conditions, no one to talk to, get/give advice. So now I’m here, hoping that there is someone out there who can maybe give me a little hope for the future as I continue to struggle with this. How to deal with it. How to meet someone who cares. How to cope with my issue. Because this new found self-pity is certainly not going to help…

Thank you for reading. Have a lovely day.

I just want to say you want to, and will find someone who loves you and all that comes with who you are not someone who wants the throw in the towel because you’re experiencing health related issues. It sucks to have a relationship end but I say better it end now and know she wasn’t going to go through all the highs and lows life has to offer. I am sorry type one here, 31 and it sucks and is an everyday struggle. Hang in there, focus on your health and someone who loves you and all you come with will come around when the time is right.

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I’m older and married, etc, but it affects us all, to some degree or another! With or without diabetes! I’ve found that being forthcoming and honest with your significant other is best. Intercourse is a part of a relationship that everyone wants. Again with or without the challenges that beingT1D can present. But there are special people (women). Who understand and will be willing to help you in your quest. But ya gotta be honest, sincere and let em know your T1D and it has problems. But they are out there, time, patience will prevail.

Hi @KamBam85 welcome to TypeOneNation. Anxiety and low blood sugar both can affect you this way. So can loss of blood flow and nerve damage. In my experience, cardio especially bicycle and running exercise helps, very much. I have also needed and benefited from therapy over my anxiety and that’s another strategy.

The exercise can also be a big help with the anxiety, and in some cases control and exercise can minimize diabetes related complications.

Good luck.