T1D and Work

Anyone else have issue with work and your T1D. I am a Merchant Marine and in the process of upgrading my license and the Coast Guard is giving me the run around. I am 30 and in decent shape and they still made me go do a stress test. All of this has to come out of my pocket too because insurance said it was no need for it. Well I asked the Coast Guards medical department why I had to do it…and here is the kicker…they believe that if you have been on insulin for so long it kills your heart…I busted a gut laughing at that and told the cardiologist and my endocronologist and they laughed too and even wrote letters stating that was false and that the diesase itself if out of control can affect the heart but mine is well under control and the coast guard said pretty much tuff that’s there beliefs you have to do it. Really some times it pisses me off being a diabetic and dealing with people that have no clue.

While I haven’t’ had any issues with diabetes at work in a very long time, I did once. I had a very similar employer (USMC). I was diagnosed with T1D, was hospitalized and put on insulin. Then I was thrown out on a medical discharge.