T1D App User Research


Hello, my name is Autumn and I am a graduating student in a Graphic Design program. For my senior project, I am designing an app focused on the mental wellness of diabetics. A lot of apps out there focus on the physical health aspect of diabetes but not mental health. I am type 1 myself so I do know quite a bit on this subject, though to better develop my design, I would like responses from other diabetics.

I want this app to be able to give you real time feedback on your blood sugars, have an available connection to other diabetics and an available group of resources that you can have always have and don’t need to wait to get in contact with your doctor/educator for. I came up with 4 points that I want to include with my app. Seeing constant blood sugar numbers, community engagement with those who can relate to having diabetes, diabetes distress signs and resources on how to combat it, and a tab for financial resources if needed. I am looking specifically for people who are diabetic to answer this please.

I don’t need very many replies, just like 10 people, so please use the link to the google form and fill it out. https://forms.gle/EoSQr2jUtWNwkyraA

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi Autumn. Thank you for your research - your project sounds fun as well as interesting. If I could make a suggestion: people measure success in different ways, so if users could set their own ranges (within reason of course) for say Excellent, Good, Fair… that might be a good feature to have.

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