T1D Babysitter for hire - Collingswood, NJ

Hello fellow T1D warriors!

Gulp, I can’t believe I am writing this, just yesterday she was a baby :frowning:
My daughter is looking for a babysitting job for weekends during the school year and for the summer in the Collingswood, NJ area. She is a 14yr old red cross certified babysitter who also happens to be a T1D herself. She is familiar with all the daily management being a T1D entails. She is experienced with MDI as well as pumps (animas, medtronic and now tandem) as well as CGMs (dexcom, medtronic and now Freestyle). She has experience sitting during our own family events and date night for friends and neighbors. If interested please email me at choover0609@gmail.com to discuss an interview.


P.S. Does anyone know what happened to the safe sitting site? I know they teamed up with beyond type 1 but now it appears to not exist.

I don’t know the answer, but I’m chiming in to encourage anyone who does to please post. We’re not COVID-19-ready enough for my daughter to offer her babysitting skills near us yet, but I presume we will be soon — and we know the demand for qualified sitters will be there!