T1D + COVID-19...all the feelings and emotions

Hi there! My name is Carinne and I’ve been a T1D for almost 17 years. I find myself struggling with the do’s and don’t’s with Covid-19. For the last 6 weeks I’ve been playing the role of work-from-home-preschool-teacher-mom to two kiddos (ages 3 and 4) and I’m absolutely drained. We’ve pretty much kept our distance from everyone and I don’t know how much longer I can do it. However, doctor is recommending that I continue to work from home and keep kiddos out of camp/daycare/preschool until there’s a drastic drop in cases (I live in Indiana). I feel like people around me don’t understand and I’m having a hard time with all of this. I feel like one minute I have so much fear and don’t want to even step outside because of all the unknown but then the next minute I feel like I’m overreacting. Anyone else experiencing this? I just need to know I’m not alone.

Please don’t feel you’re alone. I read a daily advice column and a number of individuals have written in lately because they or someone in their household is at higher risk, but people around them - in some cases ones they live with - don’t see a reason to take precautions.
Check to see if there is online counseling available - it may not change the behaviors of those around you but it might help you cope better with the stress of their choices and of the overall stay at home situation.

Thank you! I’ve been thinking about looking for online counseling but thought I’d start here to see if others are feeling the same way.

They say (ah, those famous words) that diabetics who are in good control may not run a greater risk of run Covid-19 than anybody else. Of course since it appears to be so random so far, that may not be much comfort. There was a post on the forum from a person with diabetes who, as I recall, developed Covid19 and stayed at home to recover - and she lived by herself. And there are reports of people in their 80s and up who have recovered. I’m just saying this because while most of what we hear is about the numbers of cases and deaths, it’s important to look at the survival stories too. I’m not saying you should change what you’re doing - only you can decide what’s best to keep yourself and your family safe. But looking at constant gloom and doom is unhealthy.
I found a website/app called Good News Network that has happy stories every day. I like to read them and post some for some positive balance.

Hi your not alone I feel exactly the same scared to go out keeping away from people disinfecting my shopping and your right people don’t seem to understand I also suffer from anxiety and depression and ocd it’s a nightmare