T1D Fortnight friends?

Looking for some T1D Fortnight players to add to my son’s friend list, he is 9yrs old diagnosed in Jan.

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C’mon there has to be some kid’s out there that play fortnite that are T1D, just looking for some kids that my son can talk to about life while they play the game

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Hi! My 10 year old son plays Fortnite and said he’d be happy to have a new friend to play with. He was diagnosed when he was 7.

My son plays on x box, his fortnite name is Ironjeffro210

My son is Bee5Hive and is send big him a friend request

*sending. Pardon my typos

Hi! My son Philip was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes exactly 1 year today. He would like to talk with someone too while he plays fortnite as well. His username is Antigen714.

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Great, i will have Damien friend him as soon as he’s aloud to play again…

What system does he play on, x box or playstation?

My son was diagnosed a week and a half ago, he is10 and would love to play Fortnite. What is your son’s user name? Ours is Killshotdude99.

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Does he play on x box??? My son is Ironjeffro210 he’s friending him now, if you wanna talk about anything feel free, i know what your going threw.

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Hey guys! Responding so I’m on the thread. My kid got diagnosed in June and is 11. I’ll ask him his tag when he wakes up!

Lucy, did you find out your son’s name on fortnite?

Lucy, have you found out your son’s name, mine is Ironjeffro210

My son is 10 he plays fortnite too. I’ll send you his username so y’all can add him. It would be nice for him to have a friend with type 1 like him.

His user is eromeo37

He will friend him tomorrow… his name is Ironjeffro210

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Hello, my son plays on ps4 and says he needs your sons epic name in order to add him on fortnite. I think it’s because your son plays on xbox.

Hi my son’s epic name is Thefakeninjahype

Hi there my son is 9 and was also diagnosed in January! He loves fortnite- his username is Elithelitboy
He said he’s going to friend your son!

Is elithelitboy on xbox or playstation?