T1D Friends!?

Hey my name is Abby, I’m new on T1N. I am 15 and I live in Canada! Never really had a T1 friend or anyone I talked to who gets the struggle LOL. It would be cool to talk to someone else who has T1 and is a teenager, talk to me here or message me if you want to! I love hearing about peoples different experiences and stories :slight_smile:

Hi Abby my name is Allison, I’m also new on type one nation. I am 13 and live in the US! I would love to talk to you. I really want to talk to someone who’s dealing with what I am.

Hi! I’ll be 15 in September and I’ve had diabetes for 6 years. I live in Pennsylvania and I love making new friends.

Hi catie my name is Allison and I have had diabetes for 5 years. I live in new York and I love making friends too!!

Hi! My name is DJ and I am 12. I have had diabetes for 3 years (July 23,2012) And I live in Pennsylvania. I would love to have someone to talk to!

Hey DJ send me a friend request and we can talk!

I am sixteen and I have had diabetes for a little over ten years and diabetes does get a bit easier over time after you have become used to the routines. If you ever want to talk you can send me a message.