T1D friends

My name is Petar. I was diagnosed with T1D when I was 11 years old. I don’t have any T1D friends… Any T1D in or around Hoboken, NJ? :grinning:

@Kuiperbelt512 hello Petar, welcome to Type One Nation. I am a lifelong Jersey resident. My wife was born in Jersey City and I went to college in Hoboken. Moved a little west to the Morristown area because I don’t have to go into the City as much anymore. hope you are doing well…

@Kuiperbelt512 I also live in New Jersey and work in Newark. I am new to Type One Nation, but saw your post and wanted to reach out.

It’s so great that you guys are near one another. I have zero type 1 friends my age. It would be a god send to have someone my age that go through the same day to day issues.
Hello!! Any type 1 Mainers out there!!

Hello Petar!!! I would love to share with you. You can send me an email luisa_gc16@hotmail.com

Welcome, I was diagnosed May 15 2017

Type Mainer here (originally NJ, but Maine for 30+ years now). First time on any forum of this kind. Type I for 24 years and just now reaching out to see what kind of support is out there!

Hi!! 19 years diagnosed here. I actually really like this forum. It’s helped quite a bit with my anxiety.

Hi, I’m originally from Philadelphia, but moved to NJ at an early age. I’ve been living in AZ for @25 years now. Anyone in AZ who would like to meet up, please let me know!

Pam K
T1D 56+ yrs and counting!