T1D with overactive thyroid

hi my name is billy and i have had t1d for 17 years and was recently diagnosed with overactive thyroid. i was wondering if neone knows of anybody that does not take the medicine nemore because it got better or if it is possible.  i hate taking pills and i am 26 and do not want to take a pill for the rest of my life.

I had hyperthyroidism for most of my life and doctors always wanted to put me on meds.  But I felt fine.  It was an asset... I could eat whatever I wanted, never got cold, and felt energetic.  

It's worth considering medication if the symptoms are severe.  It causes a lot of people to be hyperactive and unable to focus.  I never experienced that, it just felt like my normal.

Mine went away after I was pregnant.  I've been hypothyroid ever since and hate it... feels like I'm dragging and I've found it difficult to lose weight.

Obviously you don't have to worry about metabolic changes from pregnancy.  Visit more with your doc about why he/she thinks you should take meds.  You can always try medication and see if it helps.

Thanks for the info yeah I never knew till the blood test and then read up on it and discovered I had no symptoms doc said take synthoid cuz it could lead to other major medical problems.  I researched it and discovered I might have to take the pill forever and I don't like that