Taking a break from powerlifitng, trying to lose 10lbs by August 15th!

Hey Everybody!

I started a new summer project, I'm trying to lose 10lbs by August 15th, doing it carefully and healthfully. Nothing rash. Just sticking to a clean diet and exercising regularly.

If you don't already know me, I'm a competitive powerlifter and I've lived with Type 1 diabetes for 11 years. I have to take a break from powerlifting because of a pretty bad injury on the inside of my left hip and a not-so-bad injury in my left shoulder. But I can still do all kinds of weightlifting, just not the super heavy stuff for right now.

here's my new blog.

And a little more about me if you're interested, on my new website!


colon cleanser!

/couldn't resist
// how's it going, muscles?

It took me a bit to figure out why your name sounded so familiar - you just had a post recently on SUM!  I enjoyed reading it - your approach to health management makes a lot of sense - looking at the "whole" of the person, not just one part.

Thanks, Kim!!!

hey pat!


Things are going great. Check out my new site when you have a chance




How are you?



Hi Muscles,

I'm doing well. Almost fully recovered from my back injury. I'm uneasy getting the bar up over my head now for split jerks and snatches. I'd taken such a long time off from doing back work that my 5 rep max for squats dropped to 285 lol.

I like your site...nice pics :) I sent the # on it a text to either increase your bill or see if it's even a cell #.

There are a couple lifting competitions down in Maryland in July and August...are you going to either? One is Olympic lifts and the other is Power lifts...one is in Hagerstown and the other is in Frederick.

Hey Pat!


Sorry you have a back injury!


No I won't be at any competitions this year. Trying to let my hip heal!!!


Are you competing?

I was considering competing. I just don't want to look stupid. With my weight, I definitely wouldn't be in the running for anything. I'd probably place 5th out of 4 people (yes you read that correctly). I'd get nervous for snatches :-/

Been awhile since I have talked on here.

I have a couple of friends who are trying to convince me to get into competitive bodybuilding at the welterweight division (up to 176lbs)....  Of course I am very pestimistic about the whole thing.  Brain Bullman, for the two of you who are interested in these kind of things is my buddy who is putting the most pressure on me.  My concerns are that I will not be able to cut enough body fat to even compete.  I use the insulin pens so naturally my 8-pack isn't shining through!!!  grr.  haha.  Not only that, last time I bulked up I got pretty big but as soon as I started trying to lean out I lost mad amounts of size as well.  So now I am trying to have a clean diet and still get the gains that I want.  Unfortunately, I dont believe I am going to get noticeable results in muscle development.  My back and legs and shoulders are my best features as I always have a difficult time developing on my arms and chest areas.

Do either of you two having any experience with such problems or have any suggestions?

Hey Phill,

I think what you're referring to and what Ginger and I are talking about are two different things. What you're talking about is body building so it has to do with appearance vs. what Ginger and I are talking about (even though she's taking a break) is performance based, where we perform various lifts squat/deadlift/snatch/clean & jerk.

I could never do body building since the dieting for that is crazy and goes against the Paleo stuff they've tried to instill in us.

I bet you can be successful though