Taking a break

I am so frustrated after trying for like 4 months since my miscarriage so I am taking a 2 month break.  My husband and I are going to Playa Del Carmen to an all-inclusive resort.  I feel like my a1c being 7.1 is kicking me out of the running or not letting me ovulate or some other form of punishment...

Enjoy the R&R of Playa del Carmen.  Keep doing blood tests, but try to relax a bit.  Isn't it strange how things happens sometimes when you least expect them?  Best of luck!

Taking a break sounds like a good idea, I got pregnant when my husband and I "took a break" and so I am a firm believer in pretending not to try or really not trying.  Also an A1C of 7.1 doesn't make you less fertile.  I think just making sure you are doing the best you can with your blood sugars and taking care of your body is all you can do.  I'll be sending good thoughts your way!  Have fun, I would love to be going to the beach now!!

Thanks Rose...yeah I need  a mental break too. I am being way to hard on my self.  I was starting to think about seeing my OB and demanding clomid ASAP. LOL