Talking to a 15 year old can be tough; and his diabetes..... very tough!

Im having trouble just generally talking to my 15 year old wonderful son atm. He doesn’t have good control atm and is sort of struggling with gcse revision etc 2 hot topics in our house these days. Dont wanna make issues out ot them but what does a parent to when 1. He doesnt do his wirk and 2… eats high carb snacks in between meals and doesnt do an extra shot for it? Help plz!!! It is paramount to me that I have a good relationship with him and he feels that I am on his side.

I can speak of this subject from 2 perspectives. I was once a teenage T1D and I have a daughter who was a teenage T1D. Nagging is the worst thing you can do. That pretty much goes for anything in the teenage years. I yearned for someone who understood what I was going through. Your BS levels play havic on your emotions and hormones in the teenage years as well. Explain to your son that his health is the most important thing in his life and if he takes care of it, anything is possible for him. Do you have a JDRF chapter in your area? Being with other kids their own age who are dealing with the same issues is always a help. My daughter went to ADA camp from the time she was 7-15, then became a counselor. Try to put yourself in his shoes and be compassionate and understanding. He just wants to be like the other kids. Good luck

Thank you

You may want to consider a pump. My son switched last year… He was reluctant at first- partly because he was so familiar with injections he didn’t want to learn all over again. Overall the experience for the past year has been good. He says the best part for him is the flexibility to eat what he wants with the simplicity of dialing up a bolus rather than a needle. I believe it is one of the reasons he is so compliant with taking insulin with all carbs-- And one issue I never have to push him about. this leads to a better relationship overall.