Tamiflu and high BG levels?

Hi everyone!

So, I’ve been sick since Monday morning. I went to an urgent care center Tuesday afternoon, got flu tested, came up positive for flu A, and took my first dose of Tamiflu Tuesday night. I was nervous about taking the Tamiflu to begin with because I knew that one of the numerous potential side effects is GI upset. At the time, I wasn’t having any GI issues from the flu, and I didn’t want to mess with that. Granted, I haven’t felt good the past few days, but meh, I’ve been sicker. I wasn’t feeling weak, I was still eating, and I was still able to get up and move around and take care of myself at home without any problems. (Maybe getting my flu shot back in October really DID lessen the severity of my illness?) Anyway, I felt like it might be better to just take Advil to keep the fever and body aches under control and let the thing run it’s course. The provider talked me into it, however. With my diabetes, she was more concerned about me possibly developing complications from the flu; supposedly the tamiflu reduces the risk of developing complications. So I decided to try it.

Well, no side effects from taking the Tamiflu that I can tell, and I’m rapidly feeling better. However, I’ve noticed the past day or so that my BG is spiking a lot worse than usual after meals. It’s not anything dangerous – at worst I’ve been going up into the mid-200s. But I have to keep taking extra boluses multiple times after I initially bolus for food. I had to stay up late last night to make sure my BG was going to STOP RISING after I ate dinner, because it just didn’t seem to stop climbing. (Actually, if I hadn’t been paying attention and piling on more insulin, I probably would be spiking above 300.)

I know that you typically have to increase your insulin delivery during illness anyway, because your body’s inflammatory response and all the stress hormones cause your BG to rise. I increased my basal by 50% all day yesterday, and in-between meals, this actually kept it pretty well within range. But if I ate anything at all – even a salad!-- my BG would start a steady, relentless climb and I’d have too keep bolusing and bolusing just to get it to level out, then taking even MORE insulin to bring myself back down. It’s almost as if my insulin sensitivity has been altered… Has anyone else who’s been on tamiflu noticed this? Or could it just be an effect of being sick? It’s almost impossible to seperate the effects of the two in this case…

Thanks for any insight!

@MaddyFresh hi. It could be Tamiflu. It could be the virus. It could be a change in your normal activity level. It could be any combination or none of the above.

I took Tamiflu as a precaution when my wife and son had a virus so At the time I wasn’t sick, and had no differences in bg or insulin.

If you are watching it and doing your best, then “it is what it is”

I hope you feel better soon