Tan lines from pump sites

does anyone else get tan lines from their pump sites? i do and they annoy the crap out of me!!!!

I get them all the time! There are like 50 little round white spots on my tummy!!! You should see me at the beach! They look amazing! lol. I have such a beautiful tan line!

i can honestly say that i have never ever gotten a tan line from a site before. But its probably because i don't get tan a lot... i just end up looking like a tomato :) plus i don't wear them a lot in my stomach because it's uncomfortable for me.

I get burned all the time! I have a skin disorder where I'm super sensitive to the sun.

i went on vacation and i got kind of tan (well tanner than i was before) and i took out my site and i had a huge white spot on my stomach! so my friend and i started calling it my natural diabetes tattoo...

just own it is all i can say

i live in calrsbad CA so im at the beach all of the time and i get em but it doesnt bother me i just laugh at them

well next time its really hot out and im outside all day, and have a site in my stomach... ill start to look at it and try to find  my "natural diabetic tattoo"

I haven't gotten any real bad ones yet, but sometimes I can see them after a day at the pool. I'm Italian, though, and I never burn. Lucky me!

yeah lucky you!!! i usually only get sunburns on face, shoulders, and sometimes my back and legs but never on my stomach! woah that is so wierd.

I get tan lines from my pump site ALL OVER my stomach!!!! it IS annoying, but i think it's kinda funny!!!!!! :D

i dont have any but then, i barely have a tan. i am very tanned in my opinion because this is the first summer where i would actually tan instead of burn in the sun. i havent gotten a single burn! normally i would have had at least 5 burns

I get them whenever I tan, but I like looking at them because I can see how tan I get with each set! If you want to get rid of them, try putting more sunscreen around them and oil on the part that is lighter.

I got my pump one april, and the first time i went to the beach, i have a very white polk-a-dot on my back. it took months to go away :] the next time i went, i cut it into a heart. hahaha :D

i do and i go in tanning beds, i try to move it around enough every 3 days so that the circle never gets too white, it also help to have a base tan, so ive gone in without my insertion site .. a good trick is that if you are getting tanning circles, to apply a little self tanner, jergens lotion works well and wont give u an orangey look bc it slowly tans u each day u use it

hope that helps : )

No fair... I wish i got tan

i have gotten one. it was the first week of summer and i still have it! pretty crazyy!

i have, once when i went to california...but my tan faded quickly... i'm pretty self conscious about my belly as it is with all the scars, though