Tandem Auto soft 90 infusion set

Hello, I’m new to this forum. I’ve had diabetes for 48 yrs and just received my training for the Tandem x2 t slim pump. I had a Medtronic pump and I have to say I simply abhor Tandem. Yes, a high tech toy but filling the cartridge is retro 70’s or 80’s. What happened that they couldn’t simply this aspects of the pump.

Anyway, my question is do any of you have problems clicking//connecting to your infusion set after stopping the pump for showering or swimming or any water sport. I would not be able to attach the infusion set on my side or back for fear of not being to connect/click on the infusion set.

Hi @Carlos59. I switched from Minimed to Tandem many years ago and have grown accustomed to the fill process. My tip is to fill several cartridges at a time. I keep mind in the fridge so when it’s time to change all I have to do is fill the tubing and insert.
Connecting is pretty simple - just click in place. If you’re willing to use your abdomen do it there the first few times until you’re comfortable. Then when you use your side or back you should be able to tell by feel where you’re going. I’ve used hundreds and have only had a handful of difficulties.

Hello Dorie. Thanks for the tip on filling the cartridge. I was shocked at the time it takes to fill the cartridge. With my medtronic pump it was quick as there isn’t filling insulin with a syringe and wasting time getting rid of air/bubbles It reminded me of when I injected myself with shots.

I find the area click very small but I think I’ll grow to get accustomed to it. I normally do use my abdomen. Again, I find the Medtronic infusion easy to click as it’s a round circular click although I’ve had some trouble with it from time to time.

I went to the tru steel infusion for this reason. The inserter never worked. Then I had crimping issues. Much easier with tru steel. Just stick it in myself. No pain.

Hi Carlos @Carlos59 , to answer your question, I find the Tandem connect simpler to attach in a “blind spot” than the Medtronic quickSet - which I had used for 18+ years. Also, the Tandem has a noticeable ‘click’ when it attaches giving me assurance that it is snugly in place; on several occasions following a shower an thinking the QuickSet was attached correctly on the back of my arm, I find out later that the insulin was dripping out and not going into me.

As far a filling the Tandem cartridge, I find using a good-old syringe just as good as the Medtronic hybrid device - and under extraordinary circumstances it has advantages.

Did you begin using a pump in the 1970’s? My doctor had me “play with” one then but I decided that it would never fit my life-style. Then I continued saying “no” to all pumps for another 30 years.

Hello Dennis,

Thanks for your input and comments on the t-slim x2 pump. I must admit I had occasions where I wasn’t getting insulin infused into my body with my Medtronic pump. Perhaps I need to give myself more time to adjust. I just received training and use of the pump last Friday.
I was diagnosed with type 1D when I was 13 in 1972 and used shots until I started using a pump in 1999.

In terms of filling cartridges with insulin I just feel its quicker and more efficient with Medtronic but I do see the overall advantage of Tandem especially with the DexcomG6 CGM.

Carlos @Carlos59, I never had “hands-on” training with my Tandem changeover - the day my new pump arrived, the Trainer had to leave for California for her enhanced training session - so I just did my own thing.

I’m certainly happy that I changed to Tandem, and now that Medicare began shipping the DexCom G^ and I began Control IQ, I felt very comfortable and almost as “carefree” as I felt in 1956. since January 2020, with Control IQ, my time-in-range has been over 90% with very minimal need for my interaction - other than correctly counting carbohydrates and entering that count.