Tandem Control IQ pump failed again

Hi all, I am a PWD and have lived with the disease for 45 years in the UK. The last ten of which I have been using a pump, the last two years using the Tandem Control IQ pump (closed loop).

In the last eight months I have had two pumps completely fail, i.e. they have both had the same malfunction code. A new one has been sent each time, yet this time I am far from confident in the device. Thankfully I can still use the Dexcom G6 sensor which I wouldn’t be without.

Returning to using pens has been easier than I thought it would be thankfully, Im so glad I kept the spares in the fridge.

Has anyone else had the same problems with this pump, keen to know? Thanks, Sally

Hi @Scrumpyjack65 . I’m so sorry to hear about your frustrations. I had a problem with a Tandem pump but it was years ago and my replacement worked just fine. What is the error code and what does it mean?
Glad to hear you have your pens to fall back on! I’m a firm believer that we pumpers need to know how to manage with injections in case the need arises.

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Hi Sally @Scrumpyjack65, I too have had two t-Slim x2 failures, both in the evening, and I had replacements in hand by the following morning.

Fortunately, for the first failure I was able to figure out a way to do a restart before I was able to get to a phone and resumed pump use even though Tandem “suggested” that I not.

The second replacement was when I noticed that my pump history had disappeared and Tandem decided to replace the pump anticipating that a failure might be imminent. Both replacements came without fuss and with much understanding from very helpful tech-support people.

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Hi Dorie, thanks for your response. Interesting that you’ve also had a problem with the tandem as well. Im unable to attach an image with the error message, but both pumps had the same malfunction code - 16-0x20E6. Like you I restarted it again against Air Liquide’s advice but it seemed the only option but it didn’t like it at all. Im quite happy on pens for a bit, and certainly makes life much easier, although my TIR is appalling!! One day I may go back, but not yet! Thanks for your response.

Hi Dennis, I would agree that the tech support team are excellent at Air Liquide for the UK. However it has certainly rocked me rather, going back to pens after a 12 year gap was a bit of a shock to say the least. The replacement came within a few days and its ready to go, but not yet. I am enjoying my cable free break for a bit.

It seems that a few of the pumps fail on a regular basis which I was unaware of until recently. Thanks for your response, really useful to know. Sally