Tandem Control-iQ

At the end of last year, Tandem was expecting to release the Control-iQ upgrade in July. Anyone heard their latest target release date?

hi @mday Charles, I read that there are delays.


with the trial on “pause”, it means the entire roll-out has to push back to account for trial completion, data manipulations, submitting to the FDA and then ample (if not a stupid long) amount of time for the FDA review. Then the FDA can accept, deny or ask for more data (delay)

the reason for the pause is not very well defined, so it’s anyone’s guess when to restart the counter… my guess is 6 months from restart, meaning next year, if and only if they reach their endpoints.


Scroll down to the bottom and it says Launch goal: Q4 2019
Tandem updates that link as information becomes available

Also, the trial is no longer on pause, it has resumed and is going to be presented in June(this month). The reason for the pause was an update malfunction. They pushed out an update during the trial and it didn’t completely work. I heard it was nothing dangerous to the user and it was remedied rather quickly.

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