Tandem gets approval for Control IQ

This just in. Happy Holidays


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Really Awesome!!!
I’m looking forward to smoothly dipping into this protocol; last week I received a notice from Tandem outlining the process for my implementation.

Did Tandem say it was a software update or do they need new pump hardware @Dennis?

Software update. Tandem announced earlier this year that all updates through 2020 will be free to download.



@Joe, As the necessary prescription is received, Tandem will issue the code necessary to download the software onto appropriate t-Slim pumps.
The notice I received was a couple of days after I connected my pump to the software up-date program to assure that I had a complete “latest version”. One of the features of Tandem pumps, and it has always been like this, is that pumps should all be able to up-date and not discarded and replaced- a driving force that enticed me to change to the t-slim.

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They’re probably force us to watch an tutorial video to trigger the download code after they receive the prescription from the doctor like with basal-iq.

User guide with control-iq:

That would have to be the best story of forward compatibility I ever heard. I am between pumps with a out-of-warranty MM. waiting to see what happens now. Medtronic calls my cell 3x a day.

YES Jason @Jason1, evidence of training, electronically or otherwise, is a requirement before the upgrade code will be issued.

US FDA and others are keenly aware how many people have obtained devices in the past and assumed the devices to be “plug-n-play” and never bothered to read any of the documentation. You, I, and a few other contributors on here have provided basic information we learn by simply reading the guides to respond to device users who have thought their machines were not operating as they should.

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Medtronic’s 780 will also have software update capabilities. If you’re in no hurry to get a new pump, I’d advise to wait until April when the 780 is scheduled to launch. I’m due for an upgrade in March, the 780 is definitely at the top of my list. My Endo has a few patients that are using it for trials, they absolutely love it. According to him, the pump is phenomenal.

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Thanks for that insight. I started the 670G recently and am eligible to receive the 780G upgrade on it’s release. I was worried that the upgrade would just be a slight modification of the 670 and was considering sending it back, then read your comment, which gave me a little more hope that I made the right choice. Hadn’t heard much about it except that it was coming. I’m hoping it comes soon and I hope it is a true upgrade. Thanks.

@Markw91Some more recent news on the 780:


Hi Mark @Markw91, from what I’ve heard, so far, MiniMed apparently listened to the many people who complained about the 670G and that the 680G addresses these problems. What will make the 680G a more comfortable AIDs, in MY opinion, is to get the Guardian sensor - or an improved version - more accurate and approval for use in the “closed loop” without finger-stick calibrations.

That said, I have been extremely happy with the ease of the Tandem control IQ - completely “hands off” and I haven’t picked up a BGM. Since I began using T-CIQ last week my TIR is 95%.

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Thanks for the input. Still have lots to consider.

BTW. I did use the Dexcom Sensor with my my old Medtronic. Having no tests have been amazing. My biggest concern is the the Guardian will not be as friendly (actually I know it won’t), but I have hopes for the next incarnation of it will compare well. Been wearing both and they have been keeping up with one another, surprisingly.

95% is impressive! Way to go.

My insurance didn’t cover the G6 when I checked a year or so ago, but I called recently and they now do. My doctor said she thought of me when it first came out; so after reading much input on the forum, and because I really want to tighten things up, I just started the process.
I’m working on questions to ask when I meet with the trainer. Does anyone have questions they wish they had asked, but didn’t?

I just got the email that I have the code to update my sons pump.
I’m excited but want to know if anyone else has used it yet!?!
Is there any problems with it? It says that once I update I can’t go back, and to make sure I have all supplies in case of a problem with the update. Super excited and nervous. :slight_smile:

Hi Karen @katie6407, I have been using Control IQ for a couple of weeks without any problems - actually, I’m greatly impressed with the system. I had been watching closely the development of the algorithm, including speaking with the associate director of the University Team that developed the product, and now when looking closely into my pumps history find that CIQ is doing more than I expected.

I cant say how well it will work for your son, but I presume that the doctor who wrote his prescription did a through investigation of your sons physical AND emotional condition. In my humble opinion, CIQ is not suitable for many people; and this is also the thought of some endocrinologists working with PWD.

Is your son currently using Basal IQ? If your son [and you and his doctor] find that CIQ is not working for him, that feature can be deselected and his pump will continue working but without ability to access Basal IQ.

A bit of hope for those who upgrade to CIQ and find that they prefer BIQ, I saw someplace the warning that a pump can not be “CURRENTLY be reverted to Basal IQ”, so maybe that “upgrade” in in the planning stage.

Hi @Dennis! I just started the process of upgrading from my G5 to the G6 with Control IQ and hope to be on board on a few weeks.
I’m just wondering what kind of training you did - was it all online or did you train with a DNE or rep from Tandem/Dexcom? Once you’re started, about how long does it take for the system algorithms to kick in so the predictive features take effect? I’m looking forward to starting and always like to get real-user feedback, if you’re willing to provide. If course treatment various from individual to individual, but are there any overall suggestions or recommendations you would make for someone preparing to make the switch?
Thanks! It’s always a pleasure to read your comments.

Certainly Dorie @wadawabbit, I found the transition was very simple, and that I began seeing advantages [for me] almost immediately. What Control IQ was doing silently “behind-the-scenes”, became very vivid and tangible when I opened and scrolled through pump history - I saw every micro-adjustment CIQ made to my basal rate.

What I did, and strongly advise, is downloading and reading the latest User Guide; I had the Guide on my computers and reader within a day CIQ was approved and over the next week I had read the whole thing. I first skipped to page 200 something and read the CIQ Section, and then went back to the beginning of the manual to get my entire Tandem mind refreshed; yes, there were a few things I didn’t remember previously reading.

I was self-taught first on the Tandem pimp when I first got it and also on the Basal IQ and now with Control IQ. As a warm-up, I went on to the Tandem web-page and reviewed all relevant teaching materials and took the practice quiz; once the prior two-steps for up-grade were completed, I took and passed the “qualifying quiz” and the next morning my up-grade code was in my e-mail.

Since my pump was delivered a year+ ago, some menues and symbols have changed; I had to up-grade my pump for these and also pass a simple quiz. Tandem really wants us to know what we are doing and will work to make the transition clear. I suggest that once you begin using CIQ is that you let it do its thing [let the algorithm learn you] and not try to manipulate or out think the basic algorithm. I’ve seen postings giving instructions for forcing CIQ to meet other the system’s intended goals.

Good luck with your new system; from how I’ve come to know you over a couple of years, I think you will really like this system and the positive results.

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Wow Dennis - it looks like I’ve got quite a bit of reading to do. Between the user guide, and the oft-referred-to-on-this-forum “Think Like a Pancreas” which somehow I have never read… not to mention a novel I’m working on by a favorite author - I’m going to be busy for a while! Good thing I recently updated my eyeglass prescription and enjoy reading!
Your feedback is appreciated as always.