Tandem gets approval for Control IQ

This just in. Happy Holidays


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Really Awesome!!!
I’m looking forward to smoothly dipping into this protocol; last week I received a notice from Tandem outlining the process for my implementation.

Did Tandem say it was a software update or do they need new pump hardware @Dennis?

Software update. Tandem announced earlier this year that all updates through 2020 will be free to download.



@Joe, As the necessary prescription is received, Tandem will issue the code necessary to download the software onto appropriate t-Slim pumps.
The notice I received was a couple of days after I connected my pump to the software up-date program to assure that I had a complete “latest version”. One of the features of Tandem pumps, and it has always been like this, is that pumps should all be able to up-date and not discarded and replaced- a driving force that enticed me to change to the t-slim.

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They’re probably force us to watch an tutorial video to trigger the download code after they receive the prescription from the doctor like with basal-iq.

User guide with control-iq:

That would have to be the best story of forward compatibility I ever heard. I am between pumps with a out-of-warranty MM. waiting to see what happens now. Medtronic calls my cell 3x a day.

YES Jason @Jason1, evidence of training, electronically or otherwise, is a requirement before the upgrade code will be issued.

US FDA and others are keenly aware how many people have obtained devices in the past and assumed the devices to be “plug-n-play” and never bothered to read any of the documentation. You, I, and a few other contributors on here have provided basic information we learn by simply reading the guides to respond to device users who have thought their machines were not operating as they should.

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Medtronic’s 780 will also have software update capabilities. If you’re in no hurry to get a new pump, I’d advise to wait until April when the 780 is scheduled to launch. I’m due for an upgrade in March, the 780 is definitely at the top of my list. My Endo has a few patients that are using it for trials, they absolutely love it. According to him, the pump is phenomenal.