Tandem gets approval for Control IQ

Dori Dear, the way I wrote that may make it look more difficult than it will be for you. You already have a good understanding of diabetes, and know that the new AID System doesn’t remove all responsibility from you. Treat the re-read as a refresher - look at each topic and and ask yourself how you feel.

I don’t remember when your t-Slim was made but I’m thinking it is newer. If so, you will not need to unlearn and then learn the new menus and symbols.

Good Luck!

Thanks for the tips Dennis. I downloaded the guide a little while ago. I imagine it will take a few days at least for all the processing to go through, so I’ll refresh myself on the basics and take my time with the new. Thanks again!

Thanks again @Dennis. I did find myself skimming through much of the user guide since I’ve been on the device for a while. I finished the G6 sections yesterday and am getting pretty good.
I’m now starting “Think Like a Pancreas” but got sidetracked googling the Auto-Let and trying to recall the color-coded BG test strips - so I’m only on page 4🤣! Looking forward to this book even though I’ve barely started.
My next reply to this post will probably be when I’m getting started on the G6. Looking forward to your input on other threads though. Thanks again.

Well, I started my online training yesterday and finished this morning. Called my doctor to send a prescription to Edgepark, but they can’t start me on the G6 until my G5 transmitter expires. That will be in late April, so only a few more weeks, and my doctor’s office said of I start to get low battery alerts earlier to let them know and they will get Edgepark to expedite things.
Once I get my G6 kit I’ll meet with the DNE to get started. Only a few weeks to go!