Tandem Pump Supplies

Hello! I recently had to switch off of my parents’ insurance and I am now trying to order my first set of pump supplies using the Aetna insurance supplied by my graduate program. However, when I talked to Aetna they said it would cost me over $400/month for infusion sets and cartridges alone (including CGM materials, this will likely put me over $1000/month which I cannot afford). The reason they gave is that these are mail order prescriptions and if I can pick them up from a pharmacy in person, the cost will only be ~$100/month for the pump supplies. However, I have been hard pressed to find any pharmacies in my area that carry the supplies or that will order it to the pharmacy. Has anyone else run into this problem with Tandem supplies and Aetna?

Any advice on how to get these costs down would be much appreciated.

Check with your device rep - I think they are assigned to doctors offices so call your doctor if you need the name. They are pretty knowledgeable about the options in your area.

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Patrick @pandrews, no, I’ve never heard of that happening - although I’ve not been involved with Aetna. Personally, I think it possible that the rep with whom you spoke was fully aware. A few years ago, Walgreens had a mail delivery program for Dexcom which I didn’t need to use, and Abbott Freelance sensors, if you use those are pharmacy items.

I have two suggestions, First - call Aetna customer service again and hopefully get another representative.
Second, call Tandem Customer Support at 1-858-375-1473 [not Teck Support] and ask one of the personnel to assist you. For DexCom Customer Care call 1-877-339-2664.
These folks did my setup and I got delivery on-time without any problems.


In NJ Walgreens can fill Dexcom prescriptions.

That is strange, as most insurance companies have a preferred supplier who ships supply orders at a reduced rate to the insured. My insurance uses Edgepark, However, I found an article that says Dexcom supplies can be purchased at all Wallgreens stores, if proper insurance like Medicare. I have no idea if this is accurate OR if they cover Tandem supplies too, but I’ll send you the link by PM. I am very surprised. The article is dated 2019. I suppose things could have changed or they only cover Dexcom and not Tandem. The summary brochure of your insurance policy should be specific on options and requirements, but with Durable Medical Equipment and diabetic supplies, the details are quite illusive in their material.