Tandem t:Slim Power Source Error

Has anyone else had their t:Slim experience the power source error that fools the pump into thinking the battery isn’t charging or the battery level jumps from full to basically dead? My pump has had this error three times in the past 2 years I’ve had it and Tandem tells me it’s a very rare error.

My pump shut down on Monday morning because of this error.

I have been on a Tandem since ~April. It has occurred 3 times. Each time it occurred, my pump was showing charged at 90-95%. After plugging it in (say before a shower), I returned to the pump and it showed the pump discharged at anywhere from 0-15%. I have ignored the issue each time, and the pump recovered to show 100% charge within maybe ~30 minutes. My pump has never shutdown, but has alarmed low battery.

Since the three occurrences, I have allowed my pump to discharge across several days to 25%, then charged, and now only charge when my pump displays <85% charge. No issues since.

Thanks for sharing. I tried changing outlets, but it completely shut down before the requisite 30 minutes which is supposed to clear the error. Plugging it into my laptop a second time magically fixed it.

It’s been a while since I’ve had an issue with charging, and I believe it was when I was using a Dexcom G4 CGM rather than the G5 (I know you’re referring to your pump but this might hold true here as well) but tech support suggested I use the charging cable that came with the device. I generally use whatever cable has the right jack and don’t have issues - but it might be worth a shot to try the one that came with your pump if you’re not using it already. Having said that, if your pump is shutting down with little or no warning, I’d look into getting a replacement if you’re still in warranty.

I’ve never had an alternate cable to charge with, so it’s always charged on the original cable and wall adapter. Tandem just sent me a new wall adapter, so we’ll see if that keeps it from doing that error again over the next year. :roll_eyes:

The Tandem rep said if it does happen again with the new wall adapter, that they’ll look into replacing the pump.

Thanks for sharing - it’s always good to go through the process of elimination. I wonder if your doctor might be able to intercede to get a replacement without having to see if it happens again? I’ve rarely had issues with my devices but when I have they replaced them quickly.

I think if it does happen again I’ll demand a new pump, either through my doc or directly from Tandem. I did that with Medtronic when one of my Paradigm pumps kept giving me motor errors and the rep was asking me to do basic troubleshooting I’d already done. Tandem’s customer support by comparison is much better.

Tech support told me that a loose/intermittent connection between the pump and charging cable can make the battery seem to lose charge, even when it’s fully charged. Switching to my extra, unused Tandem charging cable solved my problem.

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