Tandem t:Slim Power Source Error

Thanks, Dennis. I appreciate all the info. I have another question about the G6 that has come up, but I’ll check first to see if there is a thread on topic already

hi, I had an occurrence a few months ago during recharging, where the battery indicator would dump to a low value then jump to a high value, then receive an error message that it could not charge or battery too low to use, etc (or some words like that.) I plugged / unplugged repeatedly from the wall outlet; tried using USB port on a laptop; after many plus / replugs, when the battery indicator showed 100% for a couple of minutes I snatched the plug out of the wall and reattached the pump to the user.

In speaking with Tandem, the rep concluded that there was an error in the pump software, rather than a problem with the condition of the battery. At first the rep wanted me to monitor for 24 hrs, but it had been a nerve-wracking night of it by that time, so I asked for a replacement pump. They sent out a replacement within approx 2 days.

So I cannot say that I enjoyed a tense night trying to get the battery indicator to show 100% and the possibility of sending the kid to bed with an extension cord (ha ha); but the phone call to tech support did ultimately resolve the problem. I think it’s fine to be polite, but firm, with a tech support rep.

I just had this exact error. It was fully charging. When I came back to the pump, it showed 5%. I tried different plus, cords, devices and it kept giving me the power source error. I even completed shut the pump down and it still returned. Right before I plugged it in initially, I had removed my Dexcom G6 and put a new one in.

What worked - I turned off Control IQ and turned it back on. That instantly removed the error for me and the charge immediately returned to 100%. I never had this problem before, so I think it’s probably a software error connected somehow to the Dexcom connection and Control IQ.

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@mm1141 Welcome Matt to the JDRF TypeOneNation Community Forum!

Thank you for this report and for sharing a solution that worked. That is one or the reasons for the existence of this Forum. I too use Control IQ and if I get this error message, I certainly will try your method to get me back up and running and then make a report to Tandem.
Matt, did you file a retort with Tandem? As you may have read in one [or a few] of my other postings, I always call Customer Care at Tandem and share what has happened; one time when I reported an error happening a second time, about 10 months following, the Tandem Rep immediately sent me another pump under the assumption that the pump I was using might later have a “fatal” and leave me high & dry. I didn’t intend “dry” to be a pun so, “without insulin flowing”.

Today is the first day something like this has happened to me. My t:slim pump has never messed up before on its own. There has been times my parents have messed it up due to overfilling a cartridge but it was resolved. Anyhow, my pump isn’t wanting to charge. I plugged it up while it was at 40% while I was asleep and woke up an hour later to it being at 35%. I do not have the original pump cord, haven’t had it for years, but the phone cord I use has been working for a while now. All the cords I have plugged up since it stopped charging work on other devices and charge them, but will not charge my pump or my pump isn’t taking in the charge. What is going on and how do I fix this? Please help!!

Hi @Lacie. Since the other cords work just fine I would suggest you contact Tandem tech support immediately and tell them what you tried. Since you’ve tried multiple cables the issue is likely with the pump itself. They might walk you through some steps to cover all bases, but if that doesn’t work they should send you a replacement pump (your pump is covered by warranty) - that might take a couple of days to arrive. I suggest you get the tracking number so you can “follow” it’s progress with FedEx, UPS or whichever shipper they use.
You should check with your endo for instructions on taking shots, which you will need to do while you wait - if you’re down to 30% battery you won’t be and to wait for the replacement to arrive. My doctor have me an rx for long acting and bolus pens and instructions on how much to take. They may need to provide additional info for authorization since you use a pump but it can be done. Just make sure they notify the pharmacy about the situation so you don’t hit insurance snags. Even better, your doctor might have pens at their office that they can give you to use. Call them first thing in the morning.
Keep us posted! I’m hoping your pump has more charge than it’s showing and the indicator is off, but no sense taking chances. Tandem might be able to determine by guiding you through some steps.
Keep us posted!

Thanks for the advice! I will for sure keep everyone posted.

You’re more than welcome. Oh, if you have critical issues overnight I suggest you contact tech support or (for medical stuff) your doctor’s on call number. They’re your best bet for getting a quick response when time is of the essence.